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Measure 101 a bad deal for taxpayers

Editor: In a Nov. 17 letter to Gov. Kate Brown, Oregon Health Authority Director Pat Allen documented the myriad ways in which the agency tasked with managing Oregon’s $9.3 billion Medicaid program has wasted or misallocated taxpayer dollars....


Thanks for support of basketball team

Editor: I would like to say thank you to all of the friends and family members who supported the boys basketball team this year. Zachary Zanona Sweet Home...


Rural sheriff tells it like it is

Editor: I recently came across the following statement, by Spokane (Wash.) County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich regarding a fatal shooting in which a 15-year-old student opened fire at a local high school. I believe it speaks to the truth of what’s...


Thanks to SHHS art students

Editor: The Pastega Family Foundation would like to publicly thank the Sweet Home High School Art Club (20 students strong), and students from Santiam Christian High School, College Hill School, Corvallis High School, and Philomath High School for...


Musical's only flaw was empty seats

Editor: I would like to thank you and your staff for your advertising and great pictures of Sweet Home High School’s performance of “Little Shop of Horrors.” I was able to attend the Friday night production and was overwhelmed by the detail...


Mainstream media in for a surprise

Editor: The opinion masters of the main-stream media (MSM) are demonstrating and fostering a level of hatred and revulsion toward our president that is typically only seen on reality TV shows. While these so-called newscasters berate the president...


Natural response to gun violence may not be wise one

Ten days ago, a lone gunman killed 22 people at a Sunday morning church service in Texas. That tragedy came almost exactly a month after another lone gunman killed 58 people and left another 546 injured after opening fire on a crowd of 22,000...


Letter: Just going by rules of the road

Editor: Wow, since I have been blasted for my previous letters regarding the marijuana sales here in Sweet Home, I am going to bow out of all of it. I am a professional truck driver, have been for almost 40 years. Right up to this day I have been...


Letter: Fuel tax should go to roads, bridges

Editor: By now, most people have heard about the increase in vehicle registration and fuel taxes. Both of these costs are a result of Gov. Brown and a Democratic Congress in Oregon. Fortunately, what Gov. Brown really wanted was far more than what... Full story


Letter: Ball dropped on auction publicity

Editor: Whoever was in charge of publicizing the Boys and Girls Club auction this past weekend dropped the ball. Invitations or cards are usually sent out to buyers and supporters, but were never received. The few signs that were put out were small...


Letter: Writer wrong on marijuana facts

Editor: In her letter that appeared in the Oct. 18 edition of The New Era, Bonnie Neal states that in the name of “progress and economic development” marijuana has been allowed to move in to town. Marijuana has been in this town and every other... Full story


Letter: Disrespectful hurtful to veterans

Editor: The trend of disrespect to our country continues progress out of control, without any regard to veterans’ sacrifice. The freedom to disrespect our country sickens and worsens the wounds of veterans, including those who suffer and die on... Full story


Letter: Tired of solitude? Join Manna meals

Editor: If you are tired of eating alone at home, come join us at Manna. This is not just a soup kitchen for the poor, but a place to find new friends, whatever your income is. I have enjoyed going to Manna Meals on Fridays at Sweet Home United...


Museum history column resonates

Editor: I would like to tell you how much I enjoy reading Roberta McKern’s articles under the header “Digging Treasure at the East Linn Museum” in the monthly 55 Plus section. These articles are priceless to me to learn of the Sweet Home past....


Parton program helps early reading

Editor: Re: “Test scores put SH behind rest of state again” (Sept. 20): The New Era reported that our school district continues to score poorly in English language arts, math, and science, compared against statewide scores. Statistics show that... Full story


Marijuana letter writer wrong

Editor: I want to respond to the letter from Bonnie Neal in the Oct. 4 edition of The New Era. Ms. Neal stated that marijuana is an addicting drug. Wrong. Alcohol is addicting. Nicotine is addicting. Marijuana is NOT addicting. A marijuana smoker...


Letter: Medical test result comes too late

Editor: I seek opinions because I want to learn something. 25 years ago, a family illness brought about years of medical study by me because it caused a very avoidable death. At the time, my children were 8, 9 and 11. I discovered a likelihood of an... Full story


Letter: Sorry to see firm exit as help arrives

Editor: Really? The new director of community economic growth and development was just introduced at the City Council meeting. He has valuable aspirations for the future of Sweet Home’s commerce. So what does The New Era present to him? A viable,...


Letters to the editor August 15, 2017: Humans, not sea lions to blame

Editor: Re: “ODFW study warns wild steelhead at risk of extinction due to sea lions,” The New Era, Aug. 9, it’s not the California or Steller sea lions who are pushing the steelhead and salmon to extinction. It’s the human dam builders, it...


Letters to the editor May 16, 2017

Sad that circus is coming to town Editor: It was such a sad day when I learned that the Chamber of Commerce was hosting the Culpepper and Merriweather Circus on May 22. Putting animals into cages and hauling them across the country is the main issue...


Letters to the Editor May 2, 2017

Research lacking in religion attack Editor: I can’t imagine where Diane Daiute gets her information on what Christians believe. Certainly not from the Christians themselves. Even though I often disagree with her, I have admired some of her...


Writer distorts who people of faith are

Editor: Personally, I’m tired of hearing from the radical left-leaning crime party, their misguided members, and also from their greatest propaganda machine, known as the Mainstream Media, which appears to have successfully brainwashed Diane... Full story


Health care fixes start with costs

Editor: A recent report from the Oregon Governor’s Office attempts to make it clear: Anything “Republicans” do to replace Obamacare will be a disaster! All poor people will lose their insurance! Fear! Fear! Fear! What exists sucks and if left...


Appreciate doctors this Thursday

Editor: As we prepare to celebrate Doctors’ Day on March 30, we are pleased to acknowledge and thank the hundreds of dedicated physicians who work in Samaritan Health Services’ hospitals and clinics in Linn, Benton and Lincoln counties.... Full story


Letters to the Editor: Online criticism of FLOTUS vile, foul

Editor: I’m sure all the people who see Michelle Obama as an “ape in heels” will be proud to show off their new White No. 3 wifey First Lady of the United States in her “classy, beautiful, dignified” lesbian and solo nude pictures with her... Full story


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