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Northside Park situation shameful


January 10, 2018 | View PDF


In regard to the situation regarding the caretaker in Northside Park: It is discouraging to public opinion when the governing leadership of this community makes decisions that are based on human rules that cannot be altered to fit the actual need.

A rule should not be made to satisfy a small group who believe in themselves so much they demand a behavior that does not reflect the true status of that community. The ground foundation is what is actually happening, not just what a few wish would happen.

The people who chose to commit their living actions based on what truly is, chose to put themselves into the need rather than hope some rule would be enforced to meet the need. They are now being punished for meeting the need because of a rule, initiated by a few who chose to believe they could make the rule work by saying it.

That is what lawlessness is. Unless those who set those rules are willing to get into the battle of following them, the rules are worthless. Battling them is not sitting safely at a meeting and stating, “These are the rules and we will obey them.” Battling them is putting feet on the battleground and standing there to enforce the obedience.

Since the “ordinance” is just words on paper, that is not the battleground.

The people who are willing to stand on that ground deserve to be supported by the community, not be forced out of their home because it does not suit the governing body.

Shame on the community leaders for not seeing this. Shame on all of us for not taking the time to study why there was an issue in the first place.

Bonnie Neal

Sweet Home


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