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The battle of Ping-Li

It was the end of a busy afternoon and I leaned into the reception desk to check on what remained of the day. "I'm beat. How close to being done are we?" I asked. "You poor man," replied Sandy, my...

 By D E Larsen DVM    News    August 26, 2020

Snakebit in Sweet Home: Not common, but it's happened

I always told folks that if they wanted to get a veterinarian to treat Salmon Disease in their dog, don’t go to Kansas. Likewise, if you’re going to get a veterinarian to treat a snake bite, don’t come to Sweet Home. But actually, I have...

 By D E Larsen DVM    News    May 27, 2020

Vivid memories linger from ground hallowed by sacrifice

We hurried across the cow bridge at the upper end of Uncle Dutch’s farm. We were in a hurry because we planned to hunt up to the Bartlett farm this afternoon. This would require us to cross Catching Creek one more time, and that crossing would have...

 By D E Larsen DVM    News    April 29, 2020

Water, water everywhere but not a fish alive

Mr. Campbell had been bringing his little Yorkshire terrier into the clinic ever since I had opened for business a couple of years prior. This Saturday, he came through the door empty-handed, or so it appeared. “Where is Wolf today?” I asked....

 By D E Larsen DVM    News    April 1, 2020

Doc's Memoirs: Mutt and Jeff kept life interesting for country veterinarian

Here they come, I could see them walking over from Safeway. My memory fails me to remember their names likely because of the nicknames I’d attached to them. I only used those names privately, mostly between my wife Sandy and myself. But they fit th...


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