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 By Jeff Hutchins    Sports    May 24, 2016

Outdoors: Forced to choose, which one firearm would it be?

Many gun owners have asked themselves which firearm they would own if forced to have just one. What if things weren’t quite that bad and you could have three, one of each major type? I have been... Full story


Holy Grail revolvers, Part 3: Hard to find a misfire among Rugers

In my last two regular columns, I’ve been talking about what I consider Holy Grail handguns, the ones that are hard to find and worth keeping indefinitely, if not eternally, due to their function... Full story

 By Jeff Hutchins    Sports    May 12, 2015

Outdoors: Knowledgeable handgun buyers can score big on off-brands

Special to The New Era It’s usually a wise decision to go with a name-brand item, but if you are intimately familiar with a certain area you can sometimes come up with a good substitute. In rare... Full story

 By Jeff Hutchins    Sports    March 31, 2015

Shooting: Smaller may seem better in a firearm – until you shoot it

I don't know how big the first gun ever created was, but I'll guarantee you the second one was smaller. For anything we use that’s portable, it's human nature to want it even more so. Computers, cell phones, cars and yes, most definitely firearms.... Full story

 By Jeff Hutchins    Sports    March 3, 2015

Science of long-range shooters often includes few shots of myth

I used to discount the statements of anyone claiming to have hit anything with a bullet at 1,000 yards. Many were claiming the ability but few actually possessed it. I would hear stories frequently of someone shooting a deer, elk, antelope etc. at...


SH loses two pillars of community

For The New Era It’s been a sad week for me, and especially for my dad. One of his best friends passed away on Tuesday, Dec. 9: Patrick Clinton McCollum. I’ve known “Pat” since I was 10 or 11... Full story

 By Jeff Hutchins    Sports    July 29, 2014

OUTDOORS: Smith & Wesson’s M&P pistol doesn’t match up to Glock

For The New Era Everyone competes with Glock. All of the serious names in handguns have a polymer-framed, striker-fired pistol on the market including Sig Sauer, which finally gave in and eliminated t...

 By Jeff Hutchins    News    May 21, 2014

Beauty and the Beast all set up for hunting season

I'm kind of a procrastinator when it comes to getting my hunting rifles ready. It always seems that customers’ guns take precedence and mine get pushed to the back burner because of time constraints. Half of the time I don't even get my rifle sight...

 By Jeff Hutchins    News    April 16, 2014

‘Black rifles’ show American ingenuity, something to be proud of

The black rifle is all the rage these days. Eugene Stoner originally designed it for the 7.62x51mm U.S. military cartridge as the AR-10. It evolved into the AR-15 chambered in the new 5.56x45mm U.S. Military cartridge and adopted by the U.S. Air Forc...


Hollywood mostly stories when it comes to guns

In my last column I mentioned some of the crazy statements I’ve heard from other gun owners. It was well received so I decided to expand on that theme and mention some of the completely outrageous gun-related foul-ups I’ve seen and heard in the... Full story


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