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Articles written by Mark W. Hendrickson

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Politically incorrect billionaire knows hard reality

Two news items about “the rich” recently popped up online within a couple of hours of each other. Story No. 1: Pew Research Center found that non-rich Americans have ambivalent feelings toward the rich: On the positive side, there was admiration...


Legacy we are leaving our youth may be a curse

We older Americans have saddled our youth with a mind-boggling public debt—over $20 trillion already spent ($14.3 trillion of “official” national debt plus various off-budget expenditures, according to the U.S. Treasury); trillions more of...


Guest Column: Corporate income taxes make all of us pay

It is hard to find anything positive to say about the corporate income (i.e., profits) tax. Economists across the ideological spectrum agree that the corporate profits tax is woefully inefficient: 1) It warps corporate decision making, inducing...


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