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Measure 109 not 'just another drug ballot measure'

In the November 2020 election, Oregonians voted in favor of passing Ballot Measure 109. This permits the Oregon Health Authority to establish a framework for psilocybin-assisted therapy to begin as...


Where is our 'North Star?' A response to Gov. Brown's plan

Last Friday, Oct. 30, Gov. Kate Brown announced in a press conference new metrics for opening up schools for in-person instruction. During her opening remarks she said, "This is a time for us to take...

 By Skyler Bascom    Opinion    May 20, 2020

3 positives from COVID-19 shutdown

As you may have noticed in my last column, I can be a bit of a pessimist.  If I had a choice, my profile in this newspaper wouldn’t have a picture of me, but rather a cartoon drawing of Eeyore from...

 By Skyler Bascom    Opinion    April 8, 2020

Coronavirus' toll may go beyond the physical

I work bi-vocationally as a pastor and as an educator. Before the COVID-19 mandates to “shelter in place,” I used to tell people that I had one foot in the church and one foot in the school. Now...


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