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In difficult times, thanksgiving can be healthy

2020 has been a tough year. That may be one of the few things Americans agree on, pretty much universally. We’re sick of COVID, even though most of us haven’t actually had it. We’re tired of the restrictions, we’re unhappy about the numbers,...


Parking lot story has two sides

Editor: In regards to the “Mollie’s Bakery Parking lot” (Nov. 11), we all should be appreciative of the generosity of Merv and Steve Hanscam in donating the use of that parking lot to our community and the businesses adjoining it. It’s hard... Full story


Doctor: Be cautious even with family

Editor: It has been a challenging year full of unwelcome changes brought by the coronavirus pandemic. Most of these changes are for the greater good – precautions which limit the spread of the virus. With some changes it is hard to see any silver l... Full story


Economic benefactors should be among those we're thankful for

By Dr. Mark W. Hendrickson With all the attention commanded by the presidential campaign, election, and aftermath, plus the ongoing COVID-19 story, many other issues have faded into the background. Though escaping the headlines, some of these other...


Coronavirus crunch time has arrived

Back in the days when we had didn’t have to do a risk assessment to hold or attend a fund-raiser auction, dinner, youth sports event, etc., we often had chances to win free services and stuff provided by local merchants in support of local...


COVID-19: up close and personal

Guest Commentary After I came down with a dry cough, headache, kidney stone-like chest pain and a sore throat that began Sept. 30, I decided to stay home from work. My wife, Tiffany, had similar more intense symptoms, and our 12-year-old boy, Jim,...


Time for rural Oregon to make a good impact

As we near the end of a turbulent year, we’ve just experienced a critical juncture in our community, our state and our nation’s journeys: a big election. Unless President Trump pulls a spectacular and convincing legal rabbit out of the hat, we...


As emotional election ends ... the sun continues to shine

By Dr. Glenn Mollette   The sun is shining today and will rise tomorrow. For more years than we know the sun has followed this same pattern.  The rising sun is a good pattern for all of us. We know each day we can count on the sun. Some days the s...


Door's open to get kids back to school; can we do what it takes?

Linn County has an opportunity. Gov. Kate Brown’s announcement last Friday, Oct. 30, is making it a bit easier to get students back in school (see story on page 1). Indeed, across Oregon, 130,000 students were immediately allowed to return to...


Where is our 'North Star?' A response to Gov. Brown's plan

Last Friday, Oct. 30, Gov. Kate Brown announced in a press conference new metrics for opening up schools for in-person instruction. During her opening remarks she said, "This is a time for us to take...


Election: All else aside, your vote counts

If there were a barometer to gauge how politically aroused rural Oregonians have become after years of urban-influenced [rogressive activism in Salem, it may be this 2020 election. A big indicator will be whether and how rural communities vote....


Choices made on ballot affect many

Editor: My husband and I are not allowed to vote on the Sweet Home City initiatives and leadership because we do not reside within the city limits. I have lived in the area for 49 years and my grandchildren are fifth-generation “Sweet Home” via m... Full story


Citizens' votes make difference

Editor: Time to Vote! Well, the time in getting closer for us to exercise one of the most important privileges we have – voting! Voting is a freedom that some countries still do not have today, and we should be thankful and appreciate that right in... Full story


Homeowners pay unfair share

Editor: I understand why Mr. Mahler (Oct. 14) and Mr. Gourley (Oct. 21) want the levies to pass. I agree that we do need the services of the  Sweet Home police and the library. However, they failed to mention that the police levy and the library... Full story


Rising taxes create difficulty for some

Editor: My property tax statement came today. It states that our house, for which we paid $72,000 10 years ago, is now worth $208,870. That’s fine and good, but along with the new value is the amount of taxes that came with that evaluation. The... Full story


Despite delivery, funds handled well

Editor: I attended the meeting that started the whole controversy of “stealing funds from the City of Sweet Home budget.” I was even allowed to ask a question of the city finance director at that meeting. It quickly became apparent to me that... Full story


City Hall's value should be decided by people

There aren't a lot of historical buildings in Sweet Home, a town that was built rapidly and with little planning as the demand for lumber from nearby forests came during and following World War II....


Measure 108 simply government greed trampling better health

I started by writing a philosophical piece about why it’s wrong to tax tobacco, alcohol and marijuana – or anything else in the marketplace for that matter. Sales taxes are regressive and disproportionately affect the poor, and sin taxes fly in t...


City's levy flyer could be clearer

Editor: First of all, I fully support our fine police and library.  Our mayor was nice enough to point out the other uses of the levies that are supposed to finance those two departments in our city.  My one question is the large paragraph in the... Full story


Writer's opinion of Trump changed

Editor: Well, it’s vot’n time. It comes down to who you believe. For me, a 2016 Trump skeptic, I believe him. After all, he kept close to all his campaign promises in 4 years while being pursued by the opposition party for Russia, Russia, Russia,... Full story


Levy renewal key for police, library

Editor: The levy renewals for the Sweet Home Police Department and the Sweet Home Library are on this November’s ballot and I will be voting “yes” to renew both of them. It’s easy to say “no” to increased taxes, as stated in a previous... Full story


Writer supports three candidates

Editor: I support and endorse Angelita Sanchez and Dylan Richards for positions on the Sweet Home City Council and Jami Cate for the House of Representatives District 17 seat. Angelita is the owner and operator of Angel’s Rock N Roll Construction.... Full story


Abortion key to crime decline

Editor: Violent crime nearly quadrupled between 1960 and its peak in 1991, then it fell and kept falling. Why? John J. Donohue and Steven D. Levitt wrote a paper called “Understanding Why Crime Fell in the 1990s: Four Factors That Explain the... Full story


Levy math doesn't bode well for future

Editor: Regarding Ballot Titles 22-184 and 22-185, for continuation of operating levies for Sweet Home Police Services and Sweet Home Library. I think it was two years ago when the City Council turned deaf ears to pleas from citizens to deal with... Full story


COVID requires united efforts

Editor: COVID-19. When does the responsibility begin? This is a question I have been struggling with for some time regarding dealing with the coronavirus. I know what is expected of me – social distancing, being respectful of others and wearing a... Full story


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