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Supreme Court becomes super-legislature in recent cases

By John A. Sparks The Supreme Court has just rendered historic decisions in three cases concerning Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which prohibits employment discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. Justice...


Slashing police in wake of violence wrong

We are, of course, thankful that the foolishness – and worse – emanating across the nation in the wake of the tragic and deplorable death of George Floyd has, thankfully, not been duplicated in Linn County. Demonstrations held in Lebanon during...


Democrats have plenty of issues

Editor: Re: Diane Daiute’s letter of June 10: Diane is quick to point the finger of accusation and condemnation at all of us. I believe she forgets that while only one of those fingers points outward, three point inward. I’ll take a bold stance...

 By Scott Swanson    Opinion    June 10, 2020

Tumultuous times breed confusing emotions

These are certainly tumultuous times. June’s been a wild month, so far; certainly not what many of us expected as we cruised merrily into a new year back in January. Our staff can recall a lot of people (around us, anyway) anticipating “a good...


Awesome response from community

Editor: I am once again left in awe and amazed at our little town of Sweet Home. I personally experienced and was on the receiving end of this community’s outpouring of love at 10 years old.  Since then I have seen it time and time again....


Racial tension is our own fault

Editor: Re: race. The white race brought Africans/slavery to America (land of the free), refused to follow through with repatriation, enacted anti-literacy laws and have mercilessly discriminated against them in every conceivable form and in every...


Graduation efforts made for fun time

Editor: Just feel the need to comment on the exceptional effort and planning for our 2020 SHUHS graduates. The New Era had an excellent write-up for all of them. The city displayed the banners on Main Street. The community came out in force,...


If wearing a mask, do it correctly

Editor: Lots of people in local fast food places, as well as Safeway, are wearing masks with the nose sticking out. Not OK. Just something to consider. Christine Falconer Sweet Home...


Science can provide answers, not decisions

By Rich Lowry If you thought the coronavirus presented difficult policy questions, don’t worry – we have science. California Gov. Gavin Newsom tweeted the other day: “The West Coast is – and will continue to be –guided by SCIENCE.” Joe...


LUBA ruling more than just NIMBY

Editor: Many thanks to The New Era for covering the LUBA (Land Use Board of Appeals) reversal of the rezoning of the 108 acres on Crawfordsville Drive which had changed the zoning from farm/forest to non-resource five-acre minimum. Most of this prope... Full story


Politicians need to check their facts

Editor: Twitter just fact-checked President Trump for the first time. I hope they continue to do so. I’m all for fact-checking all politicians. And if they lie they should be charged with contempt of the American people and fined, say, $50K a lie.... Full story

 By Sean C. Morgan    Opinion    May 27, 2020

Goodbye to newspaper, but not to SH

This is my last week at The New Era. To the day, it’s been 24.5 years since I started working for Debbie Paul and Alex Paul, who loves to tell people about seeing me getting out of my car for an interview. He leaned over and told Debbie, “I hope...

 By Skyler Bascom    Opinion    May 20, 2020

3 positives from COVID-19 shutdown

As you may have noticed in my last column, I can be a bit of a pessimist.  If I had a choice, my profile in this newspaper wouldn’t have a picture of me, but rather a cartoon drawing of Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh or just a picture of the cloud fr...


Mental health needs awareness

Editor: There is a glaring issue with health care today. I took my wife to an empty emergency room in Corvallis recently for sudden onset double vision, loss of coordination, and emotional changes worried about a stroke. She has been in treatment... Full story


Writer right about council's attitude

Editor: I agree with Marilyn Taggart Schlim that the City Council doesn’t care about the people of Sweet Home. I would like an explanation of where the almost $200,000 taken from the police department and library went. Not that it went for... Full story


Mailer is not what Sprenger is about

Editor: I was so sad to receive a mailer attacking Sherrie Sprenger. Her opponent must not understand how we do things around here. We are honest, hard-working people and we don’t lie. Sherrie’s opponent misrepresented her. Sherrie has been a... Full story


Thankful for good Post Office people

Editor: Congratulations to our Post Office! I received a wedding inviation from a granddaughter this past week addressed to “Granny B” with no last name, wrong house number, not east, but west, no street, but avenue, with no last name on the... Full story


City rate increase idea ill-timed

Editor: I got my water bill. Our City Council has really been grabbing our money and making it very difficult to enjoy our homes here in Sweet Home. First, they took over, was it 20,000 extra dollars left over from the extra levy to help the police... Full story


Kerry Johnson a problem-solver

Editor: The important thing to know about Kerry Johnson is that she cares. She cares, and she likes solving problems. What better combination for a public servant? What’s more, she’s good at it. She gets things done. She knows how to go beyond... Full story


Sprenger's experience makes her good choice

Editor: I am supporting Sherrie Sprenger for Linn County Commissioner. The position of county commissioner is best served by a well-rounded and well-grounded person. Sherrie will bring those qualities to the position when elected. Her educational... Full story


Kerry Johnson 'capable'

Editor: I have known Kerry Johnson many years as an employee, co-worker and friend. I have found Kerry to be very intelligent and admired her ability to grasp and learn any new endeavor she pursues. I watched her do it with her work on the Oregon... Full story


Vote values, elect Sprenger

Editor: It is vital that we vote our values, so I will be voting for Sherrie Sprenger for Linn County Commissioner. During these tough times it is vital to have experience and effective leadership on the Linn County Commission. Sherrie has excellent... Full story


Johnson would provide 'steady leadership'

Editor: We have been friends with Kerry for 30 years through, starting with our relationship within the dental field and progressing throughout our lives from there. She has shown tremendous leadership in the community through her work on the Fair... Full story


Sprenger endorsed for a reason

Editor: The Albany Area Chamber and Good Government Council endorsed Sherrie Sprenger for Linn County Commissioner with good reason: She has the experience, common sense, proven record, and integrity to serve us well as a Linn County Commissioner.... Full story


Sprenger's character 'above reproach'

Editor: Those of us who know Sherrie Sprenger can testify that her character is above reproach. A servant leader, Sherrie has worked tirelessly to represent the constituents of House District 17, and all Oregonians for more than a decade in the... Full story


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