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Levies necessary for critical services

Editor: I feel compelled to clarify some points made by Marilyn Schlim in last week’s letter to the editor. It’s important people know facts when voting at the polls. Some of the assertions made in Ms. Schlim’s letter last week could be miscons... Full story


When COVID strikes home, things change

I actually had planned to write about newspapers for this week’s edition. After all, as should have been obvious in the last couple of issues, this week is National Newspaper Week. And there’s a lot I could talk about regarding newspapers,...


Levies a 'windfall' for city officials

Editor: Here it is again... the new levies. What many of you don’t realize is that our homes are now valued more than the last levy. You may be surprised at the new evaluation. Please call the Assessors Office in Albany to get the new current... Full story


Thanks to wide range of people

Editor: As I have job that takes me out of town now, I’ve missed the City Council meetings and all the good things that are happening in my town. Congratulations to each of our City Council members and mayor for hanging in there for local... Full story


A vote for your local newspaper is a vote for your democracy

By Tom Silvestri  Newspapers face another big election. It’s about them. While the United States is riveted by a most unusual presidential election, the newspaper industry is running to win the hearts, minds and souls of “voters.” These...


RBG: President in charge for 4 years

Editor: Diane Daiute opines in her Sept. 23 letter that the GOP is playing dirty. Her entire missive is apparently prompted by the pending nomination of a SCOTUS justice. She digresses into her revisionist interpretation of history but the wound she... Full story


'Inert' forest policy dangerous to us

Editor: Zombie apocalypse forest fire infernos in California, Oregon and Washington seem out of human control. But wait, let us look. To some, protecting forests means taking a “hands off” approach. But protecting forests must include... Full story


Forest ownership change an answer?

Editor: Thank you, Lars Arndt, for your guest editorial of Sept. 16. It got me thinking... The spotted owls, which ruined our timber economy decades ago, are now roasted, along with their aggressive barred cousins from the east who were fairly... Full story


National Newspaper Week: Reporting shines spotlight to injustice, other ills

By Michael A. Anastasi Rarely are lawmakers across the political spectrum so unified. And rarely do they act so rapidly. As we commemorate National Newspaper Week this year, Oct. 4-10, I’ve been considering the question why America Needs...


Payoff for coronavirus edicts might be just getting kids back into school

There’s been a lot of controversy over Oregon’s response to the coronavirus pandemic – the forced closures of businesses, the fines for businesses who violate the governor’s dictates during the six months we’ve lived under this state of...


GOP's SCOTUS strategy 'dirty'

Editor: On March 16, 2016, President Barack Obama nominated Merrick Garland for associate justice of the Supreme Court of the United States to succeed Antonin Scalia, who had died one month earlier. There were 11 months left to President Obama’s... Full story


National Newspaper Week to highlight vital roles press plays

By Randy Evans Guest Commentary Each year, one week is set aside to salute newspapers for the important role they have played in our nation, a role that goes back to the beginning of these United States. This year, however, waiting until Oct. 4-10 an... Full story


Land use policy key to public safety

Guest Commentary Sweet Home was very, very fortunate last week. Last Tuesday, we watched helplessly as Detroit, Lyons, Gates and Mill City in the North Santiam Canyon were either destroyed or severely damaged by wildfires. Meanwhile, another fire... Full story


Thanks to local firefighters

Editor: I want to thank all of the firefighters in our community for their work, whether for the Sweet Home Fire and Ambulance District, Oregon Department of Forestry or local logging companies. SHFAD responded to 52 calls the night of the... Full story


Hope outweighs divisiveness

Editor: Well, 2020 has certainly been a difficult year for us thus far as Oregonians and Americans, from COVID-19 in the beginning of the year to the civil unrest and rioting that erupted after George Floyd’s death and now the devasting wildfires... Full story


History review: Things not much different for GOP, even with Trumps

By Rich Lowry Donald Trump took over the Republican Party, but it’s still discernibly the Republican Party. The Republican National Convention was obviously very Trumpy. At least one member of the family had a slot every night, and it featured...


Conveniences mask frighteningly fragile society

We live in uncertain and unstable times. The conveniences of the 21st Century, where nearly anything we want or need is at our fingertips, belie the fragility of our physical lives – and our social structures. Keep going; we’ll explain. We can...


Grange memories are good ones

Editor: Roberta McKern’s article (Aug. 26) about the Holley Grange brought back such nostalgic memories for me.   Back in the day, it was a time of safety.  Everyone knew everyone and kids were expected to behave themselves.  On the block...


Belated chamber awards event was fun one

If you haven’t watched the Sweet Home Chamber of Commerce awards presentation, we’ll just say it might be a lot more entertaining than simply reading our story about the event, which starts on page 1. That’s because the program was a well-put-t...


Sanctioning Antifa boosts lawlessness

Editor: Portland Tally Sheet: 85 consecutive nights of riot have been inflicted on the public, the police and property. On Aug. 8 alone, 24 rioters were arrested and booked. Oregon State Police left town for good reason last week because the County... Full story


Time for more local control in battling COVID?

We’ve been living with the coronavirus pandemic for about five months now in east Linn County and it’s been an experience. Particularly in our schools. Educators have been jerked this way and that by constantly changing directives from Salem as t...


Fix parks during COVID shutdown

Editor: At the beginning of last month, city streets and distribution crews assisted with the installation of the new playground equipment at Sankey Park. I understand the delay in getting this done was because the vendor didn’t have employees... Full story


Skyler Bascom: School and sports often a sanctuary from home

Recently, I interviewed the founder and chair of Together Let's Rise, Dr. Shadeiyah Edwards. Together Let's Rise is a nonprofit organization based in South Los Angeles, dedicated to serving families...


Is reporter biased against Trump?

Editor: I attended the Freedom Rally on the 24th of July. I went in support of President Trump. I did not agree with some of the speakers, and I certainty don’t agree with the agenda of neo-Nazis, and Aryan nations. And I wish they would have...


Community needs to rally together

Editor: I want to thank The New Era’s newest reporter Kelly Kenoyer  and editor Scott Swanson for their very informative article regarding the Freedom Rally’s organizer, Jimy White. In addition I am so grateful to the reader who brought the...


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