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Mental health needs awareness

Editor: There is a glaring issue with health care today. I took my wife to an empty emergency room in Corvallis recently for sudden onset double vision, loss of coordination, and emotional changes worried about a stroke. She has been in treatment... Full story


Writer right about council's attitude

Editor: I agree with Marilyn Taggart Schlim that the City Council doesn’t care about the people of Sweet Home. I would like an explanation of where the almost $200,000 taken from the police department and library went. Not that it went for... Full story


Mailer is not what Sprenger is about

Editor: I was so sad to receive a mailer attacking Sherrie Sprenger. Her opponent must not understand how we do things around here. We are honest, hard-working people and we don’t lie. Sherrie’s opponent misrepresented her. Sherrie has been a... Full story


Thankful for good Post Office people

Editor: Congratulations to our Post Office! I received a wedding inviation from a granddaughter this past week addressed to “Granny B” with no last name, wrong house number, not east, but west, no street, but avenue, with no last name on the... Full story


City rate increase idea ill-timed

Editor: I got my water bill. Our City Council has really been grabbing our money and making it very difficult to enjoy our homes here in Sweet Home. First, they took over, was it 20,000 extra dollars left over from the extra levy to help the police... Full story


Kerry Johnson a problem-solver

Editor: The important thing to know about Kerry Johnson is that she cares. She cares, and she likes solving problems. What better combination for a public servant? What’s more, she’s good at it. She gets things done. She knows how to go beyond... Full story


Sprenger's experience makes her good choice

Editor: I am supporting Sherrie Sprenger for Linn County Commissioner. The position of county commissioner is best served by a well-rounded and well-grounded person. Sherrie will bring those qualities to the position when elected. Her educational... Full story


Kerry Johnson 'capable'

Editor: I have known Kerry Johnson many years as an employee, co-worker and friend. I have found Kerry to be very intelligent and admired her ability to grasp and learn any new endeavor she pursues. I watched her do it with her work on the Oregon... Full story


Vote values, elect Sprenger

Editor: It is vital that we vote our values, so I will be voting for Sherrie Sprenger for Linn County Commissioner. During these tough times it is vital to have experience and effective leadership on the Linn County Commission. Sherrie has excellent... Full story


Johnson would provide 'steady leadership'

Editor: We have been friends with Kerry for 30 years through, starting with our relationship within the dental field and progressing throughout our lives from there. She has shown tremendous leadership in the community through her work on the Fair... Full story


Sprenger endorsed for a reason

Editor: The Albany Area Chamber and Good Government Council endorsed Sherrie Sprenger for Linn County Commissioner with good reason: She has the experience, common sense, proven record, and integrity to serve us well as a Linn County Commissioner.... Full story


Sprenger's character 'above reproach'

Editor: Those of us who know Sherrie Sprenger can testify that her character is above reproach. A servant leader, Sherrie has worked tirelessly to represent the constituents of House District 17, and all Oregonians for more than a decade in the... Full story


Mailer shows Johnson's true colors

Sherrie Sprenger’s opponent just showed her true colors by sending out an ugly mail piece full of misrepresentations about Sherrie Sprenger. Her opponent claims Sprenger is all about power and money. That could not be further from the truth and... Full story


Facts don't match Johnson's accusations

Editor: Regarding the mailer I read from Kerry Johnson, running against Sherrie Sprenger for Linn County Commissioner: I’m tired of hateful, deceitful politics. I wish people running for office would tell me what they are going to do for us, not sp... Full story


Coleman would be strong voice

Editor: I have known Susan Coleman for a long time and am excited that she is running for state representative. She has an uncanny ability to view issues in a long-range manner and makes decisions accordingly. I am impressed with her leadership...


Remember local nurses this week

Editor: Each May, health care organizations across the nation recognize and celebrate the exemplary efforts of nurses and other health care professionals by commemorating both National Nurses Week and National Hospital Week. This year’s recognition...


Former Sheriff supports Johnson

Editor: I am Art Martinak, former Sheriff of Linn County, and I am supporting Kerry Johnson for Linn County commissioner. A lot has changed since I was your Sheriff, but one thing has not. Linn County government is our local government and it...


LBCC president backing Sprenger

Editor: When I moved to Albany over a decade ago, Sherrie Sprenger was one of the first people I met. It didn’t take me long to see that here was a person who loved her community and was working hard to make it even better. Sherrie has been a...


Johnson offers real-life experience

Editor: Linn residents will soon get a chance to cast votes for individuals seeking to serve in public office. It’s easy to get excited about presidential elections, but clearly, it is the people we elect to local positions that have the biggest...


New City Hall was needed investment

Editor: I feel Mr. Scott Walker’s letter (April 22) was unfortunately stated as if the City Council and supervisors over the operations of the City of Sweet Home are carelessly overspending funds without concern for costs. The costs of operation...


Coleman dedicated, experienced

Editor: It is with confidence I support Susan Coleman for state representative. I’ve known Susan for several years and have always admired her leadership, personable qualities and dedication to her community. Because she has worked at the Capitol...


Time to reel in public spending

Editor: City of Sweet Home may have to look at layoffs, due to overspending, and find other ways to cut spending to avoid job loss I am concerned about the City of Sweet Home, as they have been on an uncontrollable spending spree. Have you seen your...


Meat markets ideal for spread of virus

Editor: Humans are cutting down forests, wiping out all other life forms habitats on a massive scale.  Eighty percent of earth’s land animals and plants live in forests. Cutting them down brings us into contact with disease-carrying species. And...


Richards will stand for rural way of life

Editor: By this letter I support and endorse Dylan Richards as a Republican Candidate for Oregon’s House District 17. I have known Dylan for many years as a sincere person of high integrity and honesty. Since a young age, Dylan has been excited...


Sprenger best for County Commission

Editor: I would like to express how much we appreciate and think of Sherrie Sprenger. This lady has done so much for Oregon and her representation of our state and our county. She always has her constituents in mind and works tirelessly for us. Her...


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