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Saddened by division in U.S.

Editor: When I returned from Vietnam in 1969 (U.S. Marines Infantry), many in my generation opposed the war and protested sometimes peacefully and other times not. Some were shot by National Guard; remember four dead In Ohio, (Neil Young Lyrics...


Humility might be answer to strife

Editor: I, like many others, am struggling and stressed trying to make sense of the turmoil that is happening in our country. Why people are so angry, politicians arguing, rioting in our streets and most recently the trespassing and tearing up of our...


Former legislator speaks on COVID

Editor: Greetings in this new year of 2021. I sent this letter to Governor Kate Brown this week. Dear Governor Brown, I feel compelled to communicate to you about the present situation in Oregon and a major decision you have recently made.  Yes,...


We easily succumb to manipulation

Editor: The events on Wednesday, Jan. 6, just show how primitive our brain remains (in some, anyway) and how susceptible we are to manipulation (Qanon, Trump, religions). I’m sure every Republican/Libertarian is proud of what went down Wednesday....


Questions about riot in capital

Editor: First of all, I want to thank Angelita Sanchez for her willingness to volunteer her time as a city councilwoman and the support she gives to help those individuals who have little or no voice. I recently viewed a comment reported by The...


Wrestling history missing vital piece

Editor: After reading the three pages, on the Husky wrestlers putting Sweet Home on the map, in the Dec. 23 edition of The New Era, I was stunned, disappointed and disgusted with the writer who put the wrestling history together. In 67 years Sweet...


COVID restraints population control

Editor: As I re-read the letter by Debbie Woody and Linda Cutright in last week’s The New Era, I am so impressed at the research that they went to the trouble to unearth for us. The points that they brought up are so right on. We all know it...


Trump's COVID leadership faulty

Editor: In the Dec. 30, 2020 edition of The New Era, Ms. Woody and Ms. Cutright express their frustration with the measures that Gov. Brown is implementing to stem the rising death toll here in Oregon. I believe we are all frustrated with where we...


COVID numbers don't add up to rules

Editor: Regarding Kelly Kenoyer’s opinion piece, published in the Dec. 16 edition: We understand the strain that everyone is under due to the current situation, but we personally are having a hard time understanding why we are here. As we write thi...


Help for homeless worthy of support

Editor: These are very trying times for all types of humanity. Unfortunately, not everyone is living in the most comfortable of housing situations. It is sad and perplexing to listen to some complain of “eyesores”, when there are families caught...


Manipulation of language a danger

Editor: “Political Correctness (PC) is language fascism pretending to be manners.”  (George Carlin) People use words to express thoughts. Language fascism (tyranny) controls the words people can say. When PC’ers cut back the words we can say,...


COVID presents genuine perils

Editor: Kudos to Ms. Kenoyer for her very timely op-ed piece on the serious perils that COVID presents us with. I, too, have seen news footage of people suffering from this horrible disease, and hence, choose to follow best scientific guidance to...


Library furloughs deserve scrutiny

Editor: The issuance of layoff notices to Sweet Home library staff, and subsequent withdrawal of those notices deserves careful scrutiny, as the background could spell repeats of this action. It is important to understand the history leading up to...


Internet should be regulated as utility

Editor: I was happy to read the article in the Dec. 9 issue regarding internet issues in the area. I feel it brings light to an issue facing many citizens, and I commend the local companies for stepping up, but I feel the underlying issue deserves at...


Brighten up Sweet Home's downtown

Editor: Who is trying to uglify our town? Did they find a bargain on dark gray paint by the barrel? Oregon winters are gray – brighten up! No more gray paint! I’m glad the city wants owners of empty buildings to clean them up. They should...


Culture makes fine year-end donation

Editor: Those who donate to good causes at the end of each year should keep the Oregon Cultural Trust in mind. This program, the only one of its kind in the country, lets you double the impact of your donation at no extra cost. Here’s how the...


Isolation also threat to seniors

Editor: As I watch all the obituaries in our local paper, I am reminded that not only can COVID kill, but also loneliness and isolation can kill. All this causes depression. It kills, too.  We have many senior folks who are alone and isolated due... Full story


Priority should be library, police

Editor: In regards to the news of our city manager wanting to close the library; I think we all need to remember that the city manager, with full City Council approval, has retained thousands upon thousands of dollars from both the library and... Full story


Library provides critical necessities

Editor: I am not a resident within the city of Sweet Home, but it is my home town. I read a lot, though I do not use the library for reading. I support and use the Friends of the Library store a lot! I am really saddened to even think about reducing... Full story


COVID tactics prompt concerns

Editor: For Thanksgiving Day this year Kate Brown asked Oregon citizens to call the police on neighbors who may have more people in their home than the number allowed in her most recent lock-down restrictions. Her actions are part of the current... Full story


Threatened cuts raise questions

Editor: Regarding cuts to the library staff, I have the following questions: 1. If there is a decrease in revenue of 4½%, was there an offset with the decrease of expenditures? What is it? I know there is a line item for purchasing books, DVDs, Audi... Full story


Parking lot story has two sides

Editor: In regards to the “Mollie’s Bakery Parking lot” (Nov. 11), we all should be appreciative of the generosity of Merv and Steve Hanscam in donating the use of that parking lot to our community and the businesses adjoining it. It’s hard... Full story


Doctor: Be cautious even with family

Editor: It has been a challenging year full of unwelcome changes brought by the coronavirus pandemic. Most of these changes are for the greater good – precautions which limit the spread of the virus. With some changes it is hard to see any silver l... Full story


Choices made on ballot affect many

Editor: My husband and I are not allowed to vote on the Sweet Home City initiatives and leadership because we do not reside within the city limits. I have lived in the area for 49 years and my grandchildren are fifth-generation “Sweet Home” via m... Full story


Citizens' votes make difference

Editor: Time to Vote! Well, the time in getting closer for us to exercise one of the most important privileges we have – voting! Voting is a freedom that some countries still do not have today, and we should be thankful and appreciate that right in... Full story


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