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Pastures even playing field


September 18, 2013

Photos by Sean C. Morgan PAT DAVIS, above, talks about the Cow Pasture Invitational sponsors.

There’s nothing like a bunch of uneven pasture ground to even things up for golfers.

Members of St. Helen’s Catholic Church of Sweet Home and Holy Trinity Catholic Church of Brownsville, along with friends, spent Saturday afternoon knocking golf balls around a temporary 18-hole course on Northern Drive pastures owned by Mary and Larry Northern, who hosted the event. [[more}}

The long and mid games are pretty much like normal golf, but putting is done with a driver and nothing like a golf course, said Joe Ellis. “The ball bounces everywhere.”

Ellis’ first golfing experience was at a previous Cow Pasture Invitational, he said. Since then his grandfather gave him some clubs, and he has started occasionally playing.

The hazards are many.

“You think it’s going perfect, then you hit the cow poo,” said a chuckling Linda Mader. “Golf” is kind of a loose term.

A barbecue for about 100, raffle and a duck race in the Calapooia River followed the tournament.

Below left, Herb Thums putts as Tom Hyer and Mike Melcher lend support. Photo courtesy of Alex Paul

“It’s a fund-raiser for the church and the different missions we support,” said Kyle Sullens, who organized the tournament. That includes support for the church’s physical structure as well as the local charity work of the Knights of Columbus, which sponsors the tournament. Among the Knights’ charities are the Manna dinner program, Meals on Wheels and the Food Pak program. All of it is local.

The tournament is held on a full 18-hole course that is challenging enough for competitive golfers but fun for the less experienced, Sullens said. “It’s a cow pasture. Nothing tracks true.”

The holes and uneven ground level the playing field between experienced golfers and novices, Sullens said.

“It’s just a lot of fun.”


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