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What’s with school ‘Homework Club?’


September 18, 2013


Once again I am concerned with what is going on in my grandson’s elementary school.

His Monday morning time is being wasted due to an administrative decision to allow meeting times for teachers. This is very disturbing to me. I’m told every Monday morning, from 7:15 – 8:30, my grandson is seated in the gym for what they call “Homework Club” with over 300 other students, so classroom teachers can be in co-planning meetings with other teachers.

I witnessed this situation myself and it is so non-productive to all students forced to endure this situation. I’m told contractually teachers demanded this time. I understand contract commitments but I question the use of taxpayers’ money and the children’s time with this arrangement.

My grandson has no homework Monday morning because we support his teacher’s direction that homework is to be done at home! I understand not all children have the means and support to do homework at home but this is no “homework club;” it is a babysitting time. Maybe homework club would be better at the end of a day after homework has been freshly taught that day in class.

What I witnessed was all the students being herded into the gym and cramped onto lunch table/benches and forced to sit there for over an hour. There’s so many students that some classes of kids have to sit on the floor because there aren’t enough table spaces for all students.

And as far as any help to a student with questions, I witnessed only about five teacher’s aides to answer questions, monitor and supervise all the children under these conditions. Honestly, who would even think this to be a good idea? (Oh, by the way, noise level was a dull roar.)

With the four-day week I understood that the classroom teachers were given two Fridays a month with no students. Wouldn’t that be a better time to “co-plan” or meet to do what they need to do? Please, people, don’t cheat my grandson out of valuable teaching time.

What happened to teachers putting children first instead of contracts? Oh, that’s right, that was teachers of long ago. School Board members, Mr. Schrader, are you aware of this? Do you agree with such a farce?

At this point, my daughter is entertaining the thought of looking into charter or private schools in this area. Parents, you need to be aware and speak up about the use of your children’s prime learnable hours at school.

I’ve always tried to be supportive of the teaching staff in public schools but with decisions like this being made, it makes it increasingly difficult to do so.

Concerned citizen,

Deloris Rosen

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