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Shootings further mar Obama legacy


July 21, 2015


As I write this I am listening to the initial reports of the shootings in Chattanooga, Tenn.

I wonder what the President will say if the shooter has ties to Iran? He says that he has hopes that the current agreement will lead to the desired ends and doubts that there will be further meetings.

This agreement is so meaningless, foul and corrupt and he considers it his legacy. I fear that his legacy is going to be that he was the worst, the most inept, the most corrupt and incompetent, and I hate to say this--the first traitorous President of the United States.

The treaty is going to have a profound effect on the upcoming elections and I would advise any Democrat to run from it as fast and as far as they can. Especially senators!

Watch for a localized flood of biblical proportions.

William C. Curtis

Sweet Home


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