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Balance forest, human needs


March 29, 2016


The proposed Douglas Fir National Monument is, unfortunately, a problem people have always faced in the course of their lives: How to exist by using the land and retain its beauty at the same time?

A balance must be made by saving representative areas and use the rest for human pursuits. Oregon has many areas preserved in the natural state; but also has people dependent on the land for their livelihood. In Iowa and other states, most of the land is devoted to agriculture and growing crops for economic livelihood.

The same should apply to Oregon. Trees are the crop of this state. Corn, oats and soybeans cannot be grown on mountain tops; trees can and do, as they do in Iowa, we harvest the crops. Enough said!

Maybe those eastern states should be returned, to the original state, the same percentage of land that Oregon has.

Herbert W. Hayes

Former environmentalist

Sweet Home


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