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Council’s action a grave error


May 3, 2016


I’m sure we’re not the only ones in shock from the forced retirement of our beloved Craig Martin.

My wife and I have rarely seen a man more dedicated to his job and so actively and selflessly involved in his community. Since the facts about this situation are not forthcoming, we are left to speculate.

To us, it’s apparent that Mayor Jim Gourley and the councilmen who initiated and carried out this action made a grave error in judgment, and going behind the backs of the citizens of Sweet Home is outrageous. We deserve an answer to why this was done!

It’s our understanding that the Sweet Home council is to act on our behalf.

According to the citizens whom I’ve spoken to about this, it’s hardly the action we would have asked of the council.

Craig Martin has done an exemplary job and should have remained at the helm. We believe that the will of the council is out of touch with the will of the people in Sweet Home.

Purchasing the old Forest Service building is another big shocker to the citizens of Sweet Home.

We find out only after the fact!? What about our input? The very people who pay the taxes to the city deserve a voice and a vote in such matters, yet we are told only after our taxes are irresponsibly spent.

After coming to this city and making this our permanent home, we are not pleased at all. Matters of finance or welfare of its citizens need to be carried out in the open.

We see enough of the “behind-the-door” type deals in our state and federal government; the City Council should be ashamed.

We need a “Wiley-Creek” type protest over this to reverse the decision.

Larry Angland

Co-founder of Sweet Home Sweet Ride Charity Car Show for Kids

AMVETS member

Kiwanis Club member

Sweet Home


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