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Council’s action raises questions


May 3, 2016


With all the uncertainty and mystery surrounding the departure of Craig Martin, our former City Manager I have the following questions and comments:

1. The council’s comment “we are taking a new direction” brings up the question “exactly what direction is this, and how does it differ from the previous direction of the city as managed by Craig Martin for 18 years – through a number of mayors and City Council members?

2. Has this unknown “new direction” been vetted among the citizens of Sweet Home to determine if WE want to go there? Where is the “open” and “transparent” communication – for which the council strongly criticized Samaritan Health’s communication failure in the Wiley Creek fiasco?

I believe the citizens and taxpayers living in the City of Sweet Home deserve to be apprised of details of this “new direction” – and any anticipated costs.

3. Has a job description been prepared for the interviews of the prospective city manager (administrator) candidates? And who will conduct the interviews – and make the final decision?

4. What are the written experience and educational requirements for the transitional interim (anticipated time of appointment of four months) city manager?

The city will need a competent and knowledgeable temporary replacement with current experience in administrating the operations of a city similar to Sweet Home. And whose performance, or lack thereof, may affect the current operations of the city, and relations with city employees.

It is my opinion that the quality and performance of the interim city manager may affect any interviewee’s decision to accept a permanent employment offer from the city.

5. With the departure of Craig Martin, who is handling the employee’s union negotiations?

I am somewhat dumbfounded at the newspaper reports that the council members are concerned about the city’s fiscal situation – and yet the council and mayor are willing to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars of the taxpayers money in the termination of the present city manager Craig Martin; appointment of a temporary city manager; and the cost of interviewing perspective candidates including travel and per diem expenses, relocation costs, and a possible employment bonus.

Henry L. Berg, PLS (Retired)

Sweet Home


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