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SH water, sewer rates excessive


May 10, 2016


Regarding water and sewer rates (April 20), as someone on a fixed income of only $700 a month, I’m extremely concerned.

I use very little water. I take very short showers. If I water anything, I have a gallon jug I carry. I do three loads of laundry a month in a water-efficient front loader. I don’t even flush the toilet every time.

I can deal (barely) with the $55.60 charge I get every month.

What I want to know is why is it that in Ventura County in Southern California, right next to Los Angeles County, to be exact, that a family of four with two teen-aged girls pays only $42.90 each month. And also, why is it when that same family comes to visit me for five days, that my water-sewer bill jumps to $102?

I understand how living in a small town may cost just a little more than a big city. But come on, please give us on a fixed income, who are extremely energy-efficient, a break!

Lori Palmer

Sweet Home


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