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Hypocritical on Hillary


August 2, 2016


Hypocrisy at its finest: Apparently the liberals will elect a woman who had all the earmarks and values that the liberals accuse the conservative of having, that they find so offensive.

She is a liar, cheat, thief, criminal, bigot, homophobe, racist, promise breaker, dishonest millionaire, do-nothing, no-good worthless career politician.

She obviously believes in walls and photo ID, as long as it’s to protect her.

She pays her female workers less than the males.

She claims to value women who have been raped but destroyed those that accused her husband of rape.

She pretends to protect our children, but wants abortion to include 36 week unborn children and gender selection.

Recent emails reveal the true nature of the liberal.

Guess you have to be a hypocrite liberal to figure this one out.

Jeani West

Sweet Home


I have enjoyed Mr. Morgan’s articles and photos for years.

I felt misquoted, however, in his article on the candlelight vigil held at the police station.

I said that I thought it cool that they (law enforcement) took a vow to take a bullet for us and I wondered whether they knew that some of us, if the situation came up, would take one for them. I would and it is not boasting or bravado.

The police I grew up with in Iowa were some of the finest people I have known. When our sheriff died, 3,000 people tried to attend his service. It was a traffic nightmare and no one cared. He had earned that kind of respect. When I lived in Texas, I found the police there reminding me of the ones from my youth. I moved to Oregon over 20 years ago and found that same strength and dedication in Oregon’s law enforcement.

The older we get, the harsher the world seems to be.

I may be an old woman but I would wade in and help anyone who needed it. That is what I admire about police officers. They don’t fumble for their telephones to record someone who needs help. They wad in and help even if it should cost them everything.

To them, their families, to you and your staff, I give my sincerest thanks.

Mitzi Ostermiller

Foster, OR


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