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Girls roll over S. Umpqua in soccer, 7-0


September 6, 2016

Sweet Home’s girls dominated their official season opener in soccer at South Umpqua High School, winning 7-0.

Coach Ramiro Santana said he’s been working hard with his team on passing, but he didn’t anticipate that kind of performance.

“I knew we could play,” Santana said. “The girls looked hungry. They were passing. They were talking.”

He was worried about his team playing on grass, he said. They’ve been practicing on turf, but last Wednesday, they held practice on grass.

“I didn’t like what I saw,” Santana said.

It didn’t slow them down in a game situation though.

“It was the quickness,” Santana said. “It was good passes. It was the speed.”

Cora McKee, Bethany Gingerich and Milah Weld were able to zip by defenders, Santana said. “We were a little faster than they were. We were more alert. We were awake.

“We started the game, and in 35 seconds after we moved the ball, we scored.”

McKee took the ball to the net past a couple of defenders on a pass from Kenzi Adams. Twenty-two seconds later, she scored again when defender Hannah Jewett kicked ball forward to McKee and Gingerich. They passed it back and forth, and McKee got the shot.

McKee scored again five minutes into the game followed by a goal by Gingerich in the minute 11. Santana pulled subbed out most of his starters. Subs included a number of junior varsity players. Weld took it in from the sideline for a fifth goal in the minute 18, and Torree Hawken scored again 21 minutes into the game.

The Huskies led 6-0 at halftime.

Santana decided to challenge his players, moving them around the field; and Jewett found herself out front. She bounced three shots off the goalposts. On a fourth shot, the ball hit a defender’s hand. She scored the Huskies final goal on the penalty kick.

The Huskies shot the ball 38 times on the game, while South Umpqua shot it just seven.

The Huskeis were scheduled to host Tillamook on Tuesday, and they’ll travel to Douglas on Thursday. On Sept. 13, they’ll host Newport.

The girls are 1-0.


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