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Daniel Craig Marble May 26, 1928 – Sept. 12, 2016


September 20, 2016

Craig “Doc” Marble passed away Sept. 12, 2016 after 88 good years, most of them lived right here in Linn County.

He was born May 26, 1928 in Sherman Station in Aroostook County, Me. to Harold and Dorothy (Craig) Marble.

He was raised in Sherman Station. This was a land of bitter cold winters and black-fly summers, a place where potatoes and pine trees were the only crops to survive. His parents, Dorothy and Harold Marble, prepared their sons Craig and Walter for a hard life by having horse-drawn loads of logs delivered to the front yard, where the boys learned the joys of wielding a cross-cut saw.

And while there were a few spare minutes each summer for baseball and fishing, there was lumber to be stacked at the mill, firewood to be delivered, rocks and potatoes to be picked. Craig could see the life that lay ahead, so when he turned 16 he enrolled at the University of Maine, sending his laundry home to Mom each week on the train.

After three years, he graduated and was accepted by the dental school at Tufts University. Graduating as a dentist at the tender age of 22, Craig found it impossible to buy a dental practice as no bank would loan money to such a young man. Instead, he accepted a commission in the Public Health Service, providing dental care to the U.S. Coast Guard.

He was posted on the West Coast, where he met his bride, Agnes. She was charmed by his odd Yankee accent and taken in by his tennis game (he possessed a ferocious forehand, the product of all of that firewood cutting). Following a short courtship, they began their life together in a big Buick Roadmaster and an Airstream trailer, traveling to Coast Guard bases from San Franscisco to Neah Bay.

Craig always claimed these were the most profitable days of his career: travel pay, off-base housing pay, lieutenant’s pay and a young wife who liked to cook. Plus, on occasion, a Coast Guard cutter made a pretty good salmon fishing platform.

Eventually, the young couple settled on a small ranch on the banks of the Willamette River, near the Riverside community. Craig opened a dental practice in Albany while Agnes raised the kids on the farm.

In 1968 the family moved to Crawfordsville, establishing the Lazy M Ranch. Craig continued to care for his patients for 30 more years, building a new office and a large practice. His weekends were spent building miles of fence, cutting firewood, and working the forested acres of the ranch. As time went on, Craig spent more time in the woods, thinning, pruning and dragging out a few logs, too. Eventually, he purchased more timberland, where he routinely demolished pickup trucks, chainsaws and logging equipment. Boy, did he have fun.

He also renewed his interest in fishing, chasing salmon and steelhead in freshwater and salt, from Ore-gon to Alaska. His favorite stories involved fishing with friends and family, especially when he caught the biggest fish.

Craig spent many Saturday afternoons at Ore-gon State University Beaver football games. He was a beloved figure in his section, barking out “Go Beavs!” at odd moments and joining other enthusiastic fans in hoisting shots of whiskey after each touchdown. Those were tough years for the Beavers – so bad, in fact, that every first down was similarly celebrated.

Craig was also a community servant of sorts, donning a big red suit each year to play Santa for hundreds of Crawfordsville kids. He also enjoyed delivering firewood to widows, hiring local kids to pick up garbage from the ditches along Brush Creek and giving free – but painful – cribbage lessons to anyone who would consent.

He is survived by his three children, John, Jim and Jay; a herd of grandkids and great-grandkids, with more coming soon.

Craig was preceded in death by his wife Agnes Ann (Slobojan); daughter Kirsten; sons: Kenneth and Dennis.

The family invites you to join the send-off Craig requested: A barbecue will be held at 1 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 24, at the Lazy M Ranch in Crawfordsville. If you’d like to contribute, bring a dessert and lawn chair, but please be sure to bring a story or two to share. We know there are plenty of them!

Sweet Home Funeral Chapel is handling the arrangements.


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