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College in his day didn't require loans


October 4, 2016


When I went to college back in the ’50’s I can’t recall paying more than about $65 a month for room and board, whether I lived in a dorm or a fraternity.

You could go to either Oregon or Oregon State (I went to both) on as little as $1,000 a year and if you had $1,200 you were chopping in tall cotton.

Textbooks were $3 to $5. For three years I (and 50 frat bros) slept on a screened-in porch in Corvallis – all year, every night. Most of today’s students are paying more monthly rent than I paid for yearly S&Q.

I worked every day I could at various jobs, tending bar and bouncing on weekends, working as a watchman over the Christmas holidays. Other jobs on Thanksgiving and Spring Break.

No Spring Breaks at the beach. I received no help from family. And I owed zero when I graduated.

Instead of subsidizing the students (and the colleges) that is where we should look as to why those costs have increased so drastically.

Textbooks from $5 to $50. Salaries and benefits outasite! Athletic dorms costing tens of millions.

Colleges are just another form of government, with their hands in the public’s pockets -- because we let them!

We, the parents and taxpayers, have to make better choices on whom we put into office and swear off mindlessly supporting political parties and voting for candidates who are fiscally responsible regardless of political affiliation.

We need to direct more attention to fiscal responsibility.

William C. Curtis

Sweet Home


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