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Marijuana questions in voters’ hands


October 18, 2016

Sweet Home voters will decide in the Nov. 8 election whether to allow the sale of marijuana in Sweet Home and whether to tax it.

Measure 22-158 asks voters to decide whether Sweet Home should prohibit medical marijuana dispensaries. The measure would not affect medical marijuana dispensaries that already exist, such as Going Green.

Measure 22-159 asks voters to choose whether Sweet Home should prohibit processing, production, wholesaling and retail sale of recreational marijuana. If passed by voters, it would not affect the sale of medical marijuana, which is covered by Measure 22-158.

If either measure is approved, the city would be ineligible to receive distributions of marijuana tax revenue and prohibited from imposing a tax or fee on the production, processing and sale of any marijuana product.

Measure 22-160 asks whether Sweet Home should impose a 3-percent tax on the sale of marijuana, the maximum allowable under state law. If approved, the measure would take effect only if both of the other measures are approved by voters.

Like Sweet Home, Linn County also will ask voters whether to prohibit retail marijuana producers, processors, wholesalers and retailers in the unincorporated areas of the county.

None of the measures would prohibit the personal use of marijuana or the growing of medical marijuana. Those activities are protected under state law.

Other cities in Linn County with measures to prohibit marijuana include Albany, Brownsville, Halsey, Harrisburg, Lebanon, Lyons, Mill City, Millersburg and Tangent. Other cities seeking taxes on marijuana include Albany, Brownsville, Gates, Halsey, Harrisburg, Lebanon, Mill City and Tangent.

Gates is only seeking a tax and has no measure to prohibit marijuana. Lyons is asking about prohibiting marijuana sales but not seeking a tax.

Idanha, Scio, Sodaville and Waterloo have no marijuana-related measures.


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