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Tow wins MVP award in varsity volleyball


November 8, 2016

WINNERS of varsity volleyball team awards include, from left, Madi Barringer, Kayley Lopez, Ally Tow and Gracie Olson.

Junior Ally Tow received the Most Outstanding Player award Monday evening at the Sweet Home High School volleyball team’s annual awards dessert.

A workhorse, said Coach Mary Hutchins, she comes to everything, every workout and every event, when she is in town. She led her team in kills this season, and she was one of the surefire ways to terminate a rally.

Senior Madi Barringer led her team in passing and was key to defense, earning her the Best Defense Award, Hutchins said.

Senior Gracie Olson was the Most Inspirational player based on her incredible work ethic and drive, Hutchins said. When she was playing club ball, she didn’t play very often, but she is a perfect example of a player who never gives up and earns her playing time. This year, she was in the regular rotation.

Junior Kayley Lopez won the Coach’s Award, Hutchins said. Prior to a mid-season injury, she was a big part of the team when she was on the court.

The Huskies wrapped up a 4-6 season in a tough league that produced the state champion, Sisters. They placed fourth in league and made the play-in round.

The Sky-Em League sent four teams to post-season play, three to the playoff bracket and one to the championship, Hutchins said. It’s a tough league.

Sisters produces consistently good teams, Hutchins said, and beating Sisters is her long-term goal.

Last year, they were happy to force Sisters to call a timeout, Hutchins said. This year, the Huskies made the Outlaws call five timeouts, won a game and played closely in two games.

“We were one of the only teams they didn’t want to play again,” Hutchins said based on a conversation with the Sisters coach. The Huskies performed better against Sisters than Crook County in the final round.

Her team made progress this year, finishing its best preseason in five years, Hutchins said. The team was 6-4 pre-league.

“I’m really proud of how our team did,” Hutchins said. “They are a ton of fun.”

Hutchins awarded first-year letters to sophomore Sunhee Bitter; juniors Kylie Armstrong, Brianna Hoffman, Caylie Trewin, Kelika Aiona and Samantha Hutchins; and seniors Alana Van Eck and Tasha Rasmussen.

Filling in with little notice and moving from junior varsity to varsity part way through the season, sophomore Kate Hawken earned her first letter in volleyball.

Senior Gracie Olson earned her second varsity letter.

Earning their third letters were junior Kayley Lopez and junior Ally Tow.

Senior Madi Barringer earned her fourth letter in volleyball.

The junior varsity two team finished the season 5-4, said Coach Kari Lynn Housen. Everyone improved throughout the season, especially in serving after a rough start.

“My team was amazing,” said junior varsity Coach Shauna Baxter. “And maybe one of my favorites – I’m not gonna lie.”

Her team lost three games out of 10, and it finished first in its pool in a 5A-6A tournament.


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