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SH-area drivers among winners ’16 Speedway campaign


November 22, 2016

Photos courtesy of Doc’s Photos LOCAL SPEEDWAY winners this season include Tom Yeack, left, Kyle Yeack and Cory Yeack.

Crawfordsville drivers Tom Yeack and Kyle Yeack finished the season at the top of their divisions at Willamette Speedway.

The Speedway presented awards to its top drivers for 2016 at a banquet held Nov. 5.

In IMCA Modifieds, Kyle Yeack of Crawfordsville won with 436 points, followed by Rod McCombs of Albany with 404 and Winebarger with 398.

Yeack won two races in the IMCA Modifieds, finished top five in eight races and top 10 in nine races. He accrued 436 points on the season and finished 32 points ahead of his closest competitor, Rod McCombs of Albany.

He opened the season with a first-place finish on June 25. He won his second race on July 30. He also won races in Street Stocks on July 16 and Sept. 3. He won the last race, the Iron Giant Street Stock Race, for the second time in a row when he made a pass for the lead after a late race restart. He did not lead any laps before the end.

In the Sportsman class, Tom Yeack of Crawfordsville finished first with 1,757 points, followed by Chad Slover of Lebanon with 1,559 and Jeff Rash of Lebanon with 1,395.

Yeack, who is Kyle Yeack’s father, had 13 top-five finishes and 14 top-10 finishes, with 1,757 points, 198 points ahead of Chad Slover of Lebanon. He won in all but one appearance from April 16 to Aug. 13, He finished in the top three in the next three races before winning the final race of the season on Sept. 24. He placed 14th in a single MCA Modifieds race.

Slover placed 12 times in the top five and 14 times in the top 10 for a total of 1,559 points. He placed second opening day, April 16, finishing second five times total, third twice and and never finishing worse than 10th. He raced twice in Super Sports, reaching second place and fourth place at the beginning of the season.

Rash was third overall in Sportsman with 1,395 points, and ninth overall in Super Sports, 1,188 points. In Sportsman, he won a race on April 30, finished second twice, in the top five seven times and 10 times in the top 10. In Super Sports, he reached the top 10 four times beginning with a ninth-place finish on June 25. He reached as high as seventh on July 16.

In the Super Late Models, Rob Mayea of Bend finished first with 1,372 points, followed by Joey tanner of Portland with 1,283 and Collen Winebarger of Corbett with 1,271.

Kye Frick of Sweet Home finished 12th in the Super Late Models this year, with four top-10 finishes, accruing 717 points. He raced eight times this year, finishing sixth in his best race of the year on July 23.

Randy Boyd of Lebanon placed fifth in Super Late Models by finishing in the top five twice and top 10 six times, accruing 1,138 points. He opened the season April 16 placing fifth. He reached fifth place again on Sept. 4. He placed first in the B Feature on Sept. 3. Moving into Super Sports late season, he placed second Aug. 6 and Sept. 4.

Todd Sieg of Lebanon finished eighth overall in Super Late Models with 908 points. He was top 10 in two races, placing ninth in the last race, Sept. 24, and 10th on July 16.

Randy Barley of Albany finished first in Super Sports with 1,790 points, followed by Brian Winkler of Newberg with 1,771 and Brian Thompson of Sweet Home with 1,745.

Thompson finished third overall this year in Super Sports on the strength of seven victories, 13 finishes in the top five and 14 finishes in the top 10. He had 1,745 points. He won his first race May 7 followed by six more, with a final win on Sept. 4. Also appearing in the IMCA Modifieds, he placed second on Sept. 3 and third on July 30.

Dan Dieble of Lebanon placed fourth overall in Super Sports with two victories, eight top-five finishes and 12 top-10 finishes. He had 1,545 points. He won races on July 1 and Sept. 24, finishing no lower than 10th in between, second twice, third once and fourth three times.

Mikey Brakeall of Lebanon finished first in Street Stocks with 1,876 points. Jody Tanner of Portland was second with 1,838 followed by Loren Kruesi of Lebanon with 1,589.

Brakeall won one race and finished in the top five eight times. She finished 14 races in the top 10 and accrued 1,876 points, 38 points ahead of Jody Tanner of Portland.

Brakeall won her first race of the season on June 15. Tanner seized the early lead, but Brakeall passed underneath him in turns three and four to take the lead in lap three. She held the next few laps before the yellow came out due to excessive rain on the track. The race was officially declared complete, and the teen won her first career main event.

Brakeall placed second on April 30 and reached third twice.

In the Hornets class Tracy Muse was first with 1,590 points. Rowe Loworn was second with 1,222 points, and Devon Traslavina was third with 840 points.

Keegan Asher won Pee Wee Karts with 736 points. Kasey Simmons was second with 364, and Colten Tyree was third with 342 points.

Alex Stutz finished fourth in the Pee Wee class with two top-five finishes and 233 points. Stutz finished second and fourth in two appearances.

In the 5-hp open, Carter Patterson was first with 550 points, followed by Braydin Brookshire with 459 and Cole Patrick with 349.

Lydia Trupp won the 5-hp intermediate with 723 points. Jayden Trupp was second with 721,and Patrick Batalgia was third with 412.

In the 125cc class, Makayla Patterson of Lebanon won with 617 points. Seth Riggs of Eugene was second with 487, and Brookshire was third with 232.

At 250cc, Kyle Roles of Lebanon placed first with 480 points, and Ben Swatzell of Brush Prairie, Wash., finished second with 454. Mclain Beaudoin of Lebanon placed third with 329 points.

In Open Kage Karts Duke Johnson of Portland finished first with 607 points, followed by Steve Blum of Coos Bay with 552 and Cory Yeack of Crawfordsville with 466.

Yeack, who is also Tom Yeack’s son, won one race June 3 and finished five times in the top five to score 466 points overall and place third in the Open Kage Karts class.


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