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City workers begin planned improvements to Strawberry Park


February 28, 2017

A Public Works crew has completed preparations at Strawberry Park necessary to install a new restroom facility and expand the parking lot, the first steps in improvements to the park since the completion of a concept plan in 2015.

Public Works Director Mike Adams said city workers have put in underground infrastructure, water and wastewater lines to the location where the toilet will be located, per the concept plan for Strawberry Park. That restroom facility will be similar to the ones located at Shea Point and the Pleasant Valley Boat Ramp.

The crew also enlarged the parking lot, Adams said. It cut out the area and put in base rock to prepare it for paving in the spring.

The city filed a wetlands delineation for Strawberry Park with the state last month, he said. That defines where the city can build features. Planners already had a good idea where the wetlands are, and the concept plan has been designed to minimally impact those areas.

“Most of the work that’s going to happen is going to happen outside that area,” Adams said.

The Parks Board indicated it wanted to get started making the park more inviting and to show that the city’s doing something with the park after completing a concept plan for the park, Adams said.

“We’re paying attention to it. We’re trying to get something done. We’re trying to stretch our dollars too.”

To that end, the city is using its own crews when they have time to complete site preparations, Adams said.

He believes the next step will be the installation of new playground equipment, but “we want to do it strategically,” Adams said. It will depend on what the Parks Board wants to work on next.

The board might focus on moving what’s already there or on the trail system planned for the park, Adams said. At this point, “I thought the first order of business is to make it more inviting.”

At Sankey Park, with a concept plan finished in 2016, “we’re basically strategizing on the next steps,” he said. He would like to do something, but what will depend on Parks Board direction.

Other parks need attention too, Adams said. Northside has some needed repairs, and he is planning to improve the access ramp to the river there.

Right now, “it’s just a muddy, slippery slope,” Adams said.

The wooden railing is rotting out, vandalized and in need of repair. Improvements there will need to wait for drier weather.


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