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Saw display offers flashbacks to days of old in the woods


February 28, 2017

LOGGERS FROM ANOTHER GENERATION stand by a tree they are in the process of cutting with a crosscut saw similar to those on display at the East Linn Museum.

If you were to ask, “Where can I find an intriguing collection of crosscut and chain saws?” a good answer is the East Linn Museum.

Passing through the main room toward the back, you enter a narrow hallway with a low set of stairs. Pause – for you have entered an area of crosscut saws and tools associated with their use in the woods.

But, if you go farther, through the door at the end of the hall and down a small ramp, you will find the annex and a collection of chain saws.

Eighteen, in fact, hang by heavy chains from the ceiling above you. A couple of two-man saws are harder to...

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