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Holy Grail rifles: Hang onto one if and when you can find it


April 4, 2017

THE RIFLE with the screw, and with the pin at the lower left of the receiver (instead of the screw that’s in the gun below), is the Holy Grail Winchester 94 you may be looking for.

In a previous column I wrote about “Holy Grail” pistols and revolvers.

I have had requests for the Holy Grail rifle version, so here we go...

The first one that comes to mind is the Winchester Model 94. The pre-’64 Winchesters are legendary, but I believe there are newer versions that are better. Somewhere in the early-mid ’90s U.S. Repeating Arms Company (which licenses the Winchester name for its branding of items, including firearms) brought back an improved version of the Winchester Model 94 that had many of the classic old features of the old model.

In 1964 Winchester “che...

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