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Marijuana letter writer wrong


October 10, 2017


I want to respond to the letter from Bonnie Neal in the Oct. 4 edition of The New Era.

Ms. Neal stated that marijuana is an addicting drug. Wrong.

Alcohol is addicting.

Nicotine is addicting.

Marijuana is NOT addicting. A marijuana smoker does not wander around in front of Safeway asking for a “joint” or dig through ashtrays like cigarette smokers do.

There hasn’t been a study on the effects of marijuana because it WAS considered a narcotic. And studies were not permitted.

However there are hundreds of case studies happening all over the United States now.

Ms. Neal states that medical marijuana is monitored by the physicians who prescribe it.

Once again, I must say “wrong.”

There are only a few physicians in our area that will sign a medical marijuana application and they charge $200.00 to do so.

As I stated at the City Council meeting, I use marijuana for medicinal reasons.

I study the pain-relieving effects of different strains of marijuana and rule out about 50 percent of them.

I don’t have a physician “monitoring” my marijuana use. I am my own physician. If I don’t get the relief I need from one strain I try another.

Less affluent persons don’t “steal to buy marijuana.”

Heroin, cocaine and meth users, probably; that’s because those drugs are, in fact, addicting.

No one, in the history of the world has ever died from smoking marijuana.

2016 had approximately 88,000 alcohol-related deaths and overdose deaths numbered 52,404 in 2015, with more than 60 percent of them from opioid use.

Theresa Howard

Sweet Home


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