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Letter: Writer wrong on marijuana facts


October 25, 2017


In her letter that appeared in the Oct. 18 edition of The New Era, Bonnie Neal states that in the name of “progress and economic development” marijuana has been allowed to move in to town.

Marijuana has been in this town and every other town in America for over 100 years. It’s use was done on the QT, but it’s been there.

I can not stress enough the fact that medical marijuana patients are not monitored by physicians. The process goes like this:

- You fill out an application.

- You find a doctor that will sign said application.

- The doctor will give you a urine test and you must test positive for marijuana.

- You then pay $200 for the doctor to sign the application.

- From that point on they have nothing to do with you. Period.

Ms. Neal, I don’t know where you get your information but marijuana smokers do not crave it. You did describe what a heroin addict goes through when they need a “fix.”

As for our youngsters “stealing to obtain the funds to buy marijuana,” you sure don’t give them credit for having a brain or for being able to make their own choices, do you?

Yes, there is a federal law against marijuana but the feds decriminalized it. In other words, they are not going to prosecute anyone for it. You don’t have to like it, but that’s how it is.

The voters in the state of Oregon made it legal; you also don’t have to like that.

And lastly, how dare you insinuate that the elected officials in Sweet Home have allowed marijuana to be here because of financial gain?

Our City Council tried everything they could to keep marijuana out of town. But they also had to follow state law.

You owe them an apology.

I searched my Bible and found no mention about marijuana being against any of God’s laws.

Theresa Howard

Sweet Home


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