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Dumping, not donations, leaves Gleaners in bind


November 22, 2017

A PILE of junk and trash, broken electronics, broken furniture and debris, is building behind the Sweet Home Gleaners fence , where Gleaners volunteers have moved it from the parking lot.

Sweet Home Gleaners volunteers are sick and tired – flat-out angry, really, of people dumping their trash in their parking lot.

While they appreciate donations they can sell in their thrift store at 3031 Main St., which helps pay for utilities, they can't sell the broken-down old desks and furniture some folks dump on them in the middle of the night or even, sometimes, during the day. The junk is useless, and it causes their organization a lot of problems, they say.

"We're not a garbage dump," said volunteer Marla Blanchard. "Why would they give us a child's coat with no zipper?"


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