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Christmas tree a big opportunity


May 30, 2018


Many great things are being done in and for the City of Sweet Home.

I finally got to attend one of the meetings for the Christmas Tree activities. This is the biggest opportunity for everyone in and around Sweet Home to participate in this national recognition!

There is actually something for everyone - not just big things like the financial help, but walking the trails and finding the tree that is to be chosen, making the many, many ornaments that will be needed (the Chamber of Commerce has items to work on – free), there are times set up for joining others in constructing ornaments.

There will be booths at events that will need set-up volunteers, attendance volunteers, there are marketing opportunities for those with ideas, there are lots of ideas already listed that need input, hands on and behind the scenes. Every man, woman, and child can do something to be a part of this.

It is not a small thing, this is huge and a memory that will last a lifetime.

Check with City Hall or the Chamber of Commerce for what you can help with.

Come on, Sweet Home, you live here – make a memory and be part of it!!

Bonnie J. Neal

Sweet Home


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