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Speeding complaints prompt use of radar trailer, collection of 'data'


August 1, 2018

Sweet Home Police volunteers have been moving the department’s radar trailer to different spots around the community to gather data on traffic behavior in response to complaints about speeding.

A resident complained to the City Council in July about drivers speeding through the alley between A&W and 9th Avenue. He had reported a speeder in May, providing a license plate number, but that ended up being linked to a vehicle from outside the area. Police were unable to locate the culprit.

Last month, the man reported ongoing problems with speeding to the police.

Mayor Greg Mahler and Councilor Bob Briana both said they thought speeding was becoming an issue. Mahler specifically mentioned Main Street.

“We’re trying to be responsive to concerns people have had in the downtown area,” said Police Chief Jeff Lynn. At this point, the department is gathering data.

“It looks like a big increase in the volume of traffic in the downtown area,” Lynn said, but he wants to find out if these observations are correct.

To that end, the radar trailer has spent time on 1st Avenue between Highway 20 and Highway 228, and most of last week it was on Main Street in front of the Chamber of Commerce, 1575 Main St. A volunteer moved it again Friday afternoon.

“Once we get some data, we’ll determine what’s our appropriate course,” Lynn said, whether that means officers need to spend more time on traffic enforcement or something else.

The main concern has been for the downtown area, Lynn said. The data will help confirm whether that or another location is the best place to focus police resources.

With data, police officials can decide what the highest-priority area is and how to respond, whether officers simply spend more time in an area or spend it more intensively enforcing traffic rules, Lynn said.

The department also plans to send volunteers out with a radar gun to collect data, Lynn said.

Briana has offered to assist.


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