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Livestock producers may get aid


September 19, 2018

Livestock producers in Linn, Benton, Lincoln and Lane counties have been approved for drought forage assistance from the U.S. Department of Agriculture due to the lack of rainfall and high temperatures this summer.

“This is a great opportunity for local livestock producers to receive assistance for the negative effects of the drought,” said Heather Tritt, USDA county executive director.

“Local producers have been additionally feeding all summer long and that has been affecting their bottom dollar.

“The livestock forage disaster program assistance is there to help alleviate some of those negative effects.”

Payments can be made for eligible commercial livestock – not pets – that have been owned, leased, purchased or contract grown in the four counties.

Also eligible are payments for pastures including improved non-irrigated and native non-irrigated pastures. Livestock must have been grazed on the properties during the normal grazing period.

Payments will be calculated on the lesser of two formulas, but actual payments will vary by county:

–  Number of eligible livestock times payment rate.

–   Pasture acres divided by animal units times $28.07.

–   Beef: adult cows and bulls, $28.07; calves, 500 pounds or more, $21.05.

–   Dairy: adult cows and bulls, $72.98; calves, 500 pounds or more, $21.05.

–  Buffalo/beefalo: adult cows and bulls, $28.07; calves, 500 pounds or more, $21.05.

–   Sheep: $7.02; Goats: $7.02; Equine: $20.77; Alpacas: $23.12; Emus: $14.37; Llamas: $10.25.

Producers will need to provide a livestock inventory list; an FSA-578 acreage report that must be filed no later than Dec. 1; leases for rented properties (if no written lease is available, a form CCC-855 can be accepted.) Producer eligibility forms will be completed in the office.

Appointments are mandatory due to the expected high volume of applications expected.

To make an appointment, call (541) 967-5925.


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