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Christmas tree trip should be for all


September 19, 2018


I believe we all are excited about Sweet Home providing the Capitol Christmas Tree this year and the visibility it affords our little community.

Opportunities like this don’t come around very often so I assume most of us want to put our best foot forward and attend the events if possible. 

Therefore, I was alarmed to see that City Council felt they had to “vote” to officially send only 3 members to the DC events due to some fear of “perceived impropriety” (Sept. 5).

If I understand correctly, there will be no problems with all attending as long as they do not discuss/make decisions concerning city business without creating a communicated meeting/agenda etc. where the public is allowed to attend and comment? 

How difficult could that be for our council members? 

I do not live in the city but as a land and business owner in Sweet Home, I have met most of the council in person and can attest for their maturity in understanding the whole “quorum” issue.

I can also attest to the fact that the council is currently made up of various political leanings, ideas, capabilities and experience so the likelihood of them deciding anything as a group in DC is ludicrous... so what is the real issue then? Possibly the desire by some to only want to present a single perspective or view of who we are? I hope not.

Maybe having Sweet Home represented by a diversity of individuals is exactly what we need to best leverage this opportunity because that is exactly what it is.

It is a chance to communicate that not only are we a small town rich in natural resources but a small town that welcomes a multitude of perspectives, ideas, and even political views.   

Instead of making an “official” statement to restrict participation in this “once-in-a-lifetime” event due to some “petty and perceived fear” that we don’t know how to “act in public,”  I believe the council should instead encourage all citizens (especially our leaders) to go and represent us for what we are:  a town of courageous, hardworking, generous and diverse individuals who are “woke” enough to know it takes all kinds to make this town one of the best in Oregon.

Theresa Brown



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