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Real news buried in flood of hate, lies


October 10, 2018


The American landscape has been trashed and undermined by bully politicians (Democrats, specifically), Democrat socialists, power-hungry elites, Hollywood, globalists, Soros-funded groups, Obama and his minions, and radical/liberal college professors, along with their brainwashed students.

The Mainstream Media then gleefully support this hate-filled, anti-American agenda by covering all their tracks.

We no longer have honest news outlets; we have propaganda machines (Fox being the rare exception). Blatant lies are rarely retracted. It’s no surprise that most Americans don’t trust the news media.

By nearly every barometer the U.S. is doing better – economically, security, employment rate, manufacturing, trade, and competent leadership on the world stage. We don’t hear about all the good news because it doesn’t fit the agenda of the aforementioned groups.

We can no longer sit back and enjoy a football game or a movie because most of our favorite athletes or actors have become hate-driven activists – and, frankly, it turns our stomachs. When people we once respected start spewing hatred and carrying repulsive signs or telling raunchy jokes about our president or his supporters, we’re sickened and angry.

Most of us don’t believe these once well-liked, famous celebrities will ever be able to resurrect their image.

Most importantly, we don’t believe the Mainstream Media will ever be able to earn back our trust. The only possibility is a complete collapse of major news outlets and a reemergence of legitimate journalism.

Yes, we are divided, but it’s not the everyday American who caused this division. It’s the loss of power that President Trump represents. He’s taken out the middle man and lobbyists that made politicians wealthy and that further bent the laws and regulations to assure kickbacks and profits went to those who are now showing their true colors.

Some of the worst displays of bullying and hate-filled antics include the attempted takedown of an innocent man, by any “criminal” means necessary, in order to prevent a well-qualified, well-loved conservative judge to be seated on the Supreme Court. The jig is up.

Judge Kavanaugh has a right and a duty to launch a defamation lawsuit. Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee need to be prosecuted for their treachery and betrayal of the American people, especially Kavanaugh.

They have displayed the most alarming examples of human behavior and have no shame and no regret.

Kids are watching these sick charades and wondering why these so-called adults are not showing respect, consideration, honesty, fairness, and good manners, which children learned in kindergarten.

Fed-up Democrat followers have a choice; it’s called #WalkAway – join the campaign online.

The only way to fix the deranged Democratic Party is to make it collapse – walk away from the hatred and incivility and send a powerful message to those trying to reclaim power or sit back and watch them tear this country further apart.

Susan Angland

Sweet Home


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