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Commission needs some new blood


October 31, 2018


I support Stephanie Newton for Linn County commissioner!

She is a breath of fresh air in a stale political climate. I am a true believer in having a representative government. I think those elected to office should reflect all of those they serve.

Currently, our county commissioners all represent a similar demographic, have similar political views, have all served for extended periods of time and some have failed to show true leadership for our beautiful county that has it all.

We need people in leadership positions that have a passion to make our communities stronger, healthier and economically stable. They need to be proactive and thoughtful in the ways they view and address issues like budgeting, infrastructure maintenance and staffing.

They must set an example with their communications and actions.

A person who is a true leader can look at each situation individually and make decisions that are in the best interest of everyone in our community. It is time to shake things up a little in Linn County.

Stephanie stands for transparency and hard work. She will focus on solutions to our housing crisis, funding the needed health services for a healthy community; she will stand up for our farmers and she will protect public lands through responsible management.

Her priorities are on point for Linn County.

As a parent, community volunteer, a person who works with those dealing with homelessness, a former city councilor in Linn County and a person who works two full-time jobs here, I believe Stephanie Newton is the right person for the position of Linn County commissioner.

She is a woman with a high level of integrity, strong family values, dedicated to understanding and lifting the diverse communities that make up Linn County, and ready to put in the work it takes to represent the citizens of Linn County the way we deserve.

Scott McKee Jr.

Sweet Home


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