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Neighbors: Lindsey is 'a good man'


October 31, 2018


As we are nearing an important election, we understand that many voters in Linn County are likely on the fence with regards to your vote for county commissioner.

News articles of late have not been kind to Mr. Lindsey, and if John Lindsey was not our neighbor, and friend, we might be concerned as well.

We are six of the 10 plaintiffs, alongside John Lindsey, involved in a federal civil case. We were not bullied or misled in any way, or even asked, by John Lindsey to become plaintiffs in the case. A group of neighbors made the decision to take legal action, and asked John Lindsey if he would like to join us.

The subject matter of the federal case is an unauthorized marijuana grow operation (including a 30- by 96-foot greenhouse and a 24- by 36-foot pole building) located in Butte Creek Estates, which is zoned rural residential.

Regarding the removal of the derogatory signs, practice empathy. At the end of every day, all of us are human. The placement of signs on Butte Creek Road near Mr. Lindsey’s residence were harassing and menacing, and not an effort to sway voters.

Butte Creek Road’s only traffic is residents of the neighborhood, likely less than 80 voters. What would you do if there were signs at the entrance to your driveway that were causing your family anguish?

Please join us in continuing to have faith in Commissioner John Lindsey by giving him your vote. He, alongside Nyquist and Tucker, has accomplished some major victories during his 20 years in service. John Lindsey has lived in Linn County his entire life, and he knows the issues that are important to us.

He is a good man and neighbor, and he is passionate about serving you!

Karl and Lucinda Frink

Gordon and Elaine Griswold

Robert and Tami Ainsworth



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