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School Board gives Yahraes positive marks


January 23, 2019


The Sweet Home School Board gave Supt. Tom Yahraes positive marks during its annual evaluation on Dec. 10.

School Board Chairman Jason Redick released a statement on behalf of the board about the evaluation last week.

Board members used the Oregon School Boards Association superintendent evaluation template to rate Yahraes' performance over the past year.

It includes nine performance standards: visionary leadership, policy and governance, communications and community relations, effective management, curriculum planning and development, instructional leadership, resource management, ethical leadership and labor relations.

The board unanimously decided that Yahraes met all nine performance standards.

"This past year has been filled with improvements moving the district forward," Redick said. 'In particular, the board has been impressed with the development and implementation of the new five-year Strategic Plan. This plan focuses on programs and initiatives that increase student achievement as well as helps students thrive as citizens."

The goals are connected to measurements, Redick said. Student academic progress was rated "high" on the state's 2017-18 district report card.

Additionally, Yahraes has instituted goals and monitoring plans at each school for programs that recognize good character, citizenry and initiatives that promote the participation in clubs, sports and after-school programs, Redick said. "These programs and initiatives show positive results and a positive focus for students and their schools."

The board also reviewed district-wide actions and evidence in priority areas.

The board recognized actionable steps taken to increase student safety in facility projects, the creation of hotlines, crisis assessment teams, the implementation of anti-bullying curriculum and more, Redick said.

"The board also recognized Supt. Yahraes' continued push to increase programming opportunities at the high school, with the introduction of more college and career-ready programs, such as forestry and multiple dual-credit high school offerings, while investing in and supporting dropout prevention initiatives."

Regarding facilities, the board has witnessed numerous facilities improvements and bond projects across the district, Redick said.

Elsewhere, the board sees that staff retention is up and turnover is down as recruiting, hiring and retention has been a priority.


"He has empowered numerous leadership teams across the district to lead," Redick said, noting that Yahraes has also taken steps to recognize leaders within the district.

Yahraes also worked with the union to ratify the 2019-22 contract with classified employees six months ahead of schedule and without contention, Redick said.

"One of the biggest assets the board sees in Supt. Yahraes is his integrity," Redick said. "He's honest, open, direct, fair, timely, positive and always driven for improvement and to do what is right for his staff, students and community.

"In short, the board sees its schools on the move. The board is looking forward to Supt. Yahraes continuously striving for improvement for Sweet Home schools and its community."


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