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'Shrek' comes to SHHS


June 5, 2019

Shrek’s swamp was the center of much of the action in Sweet Home High School’s performance of “Shrek, the Musical” last week. That’s where fairytale “freaks” congregated after being rousted from their homes by Lord Farquaad, to the chagrin of Shrek the ogre (Christian Black), bottom left. Above, performers sing about how their town of Duloc is on the rise with Lord Farquaad (Hayden Deatherage). At right, Shrek (Black) interrupts the wedding of Princess Fiona (Zoe Opperman) and Lord Farquaad (Hayden Deatherage) to profess his love for the princess. Bottom, second from left, Dragon (Avery Hoyt) and a reluctant Donkey (David Briggs) begin their comical, one-sided romance, while Shrek is off rescuing Princess Fiona from a tower guarded by the dragon. Bottom center, a teen Princess Fiona sings about princesses who are rescued by heroes and princes in fairy tales, dreaming of the day she would be rescued. The musical was adapted from Broadway, which in turn was adapted from the film “Shrek.” Cast members, taking a bow at the bottom, were Black, Opperman, Briggs, Deatherage, Hoyt, Ashley Morrelli, Peter Kangiesser, Victor Meza Rojas, Jenae Ashton, Olivia Martineau, Kassandra Matney, Kendall Blasingame, Chyler Deatherage, Esther Ramsey, Melissa Evans, Hunter Kelch, Mary Young, Janelle Matney and Allison Keel. Crew members were Natali Chase, Annalee McIntosh, Autumn Ice, Rebekah Woody, Stanley Blank, Tearanie Kauffman, Kyston Bate, Aiyanna Noelani and Jasmine Parker. Band members were Bill Langdon, Matthew Swenson, Mark McCallister, and Eli Heide with students Ashley Morrelli, Breyann Babbitt, Jey Sanderson and Alex Springer. Directors were teachers Elizabeth Wilks and Duncan Tuomi. To see more photos, find the headline above at


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