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2019 Chips 'n' Splinters Mystery Performers Clues


July 3, 2019

Below are clues, provided by event organizers, to the identity of two Mystery Performers, who will appear at this year’s Chips ’n’ Splinters show, at 7 p.m. Friday, July 12, at Sweet Home High School auditorium.

Clues are published through July 10 at, or on the Sweet Home Chips-n-Splinters Facebook page.

Think you recognize a performer? Stop by the Chamber of Commerce, at 1575 Main St. and drop off your guess or submit by private message on the Facebook page.

Doing so enters you for prizes to be drawn at the show. (Note: Click the “message” button first. Guesses submitted as comments will be disqualified.)

The grand prize for correctly guessing any of the performers will be a weekend at WorldMark Seaside Resort on the beautiful Oregon Coast.

Deadline for guesses is 4 p.m. Thursday, July 11. The drawing will be held at the show, when performers are revealed. To win, contestants must be present at the show.

Here are some final clues, for those who are waiting to take the plunge.

Performer #1 – I take talking selfies to another level but never by myself.

Performer #2 – I can warble under the sea, under foliage and under direction.

Performer #3 – My tale of two cities is all about the kids.

Performers #4 – We are Sweet Home natives in a club dedicated to serving the kids.

Performer #5 – If you come visiting me I might give you a song, a beverage or some good ol’ fried chicken.

Performer #6 – If you don’t want the whole town to know, don’t tell me your business.

Performer #7 – I love to play with keys and bows and strings and air.

Performers #8 – We both get to work every day with a pretty nice view.

Here are previously offered clues, for your review:

Performer #1: I grew up totally a California VALLEY BOY, always in a RUSH for a good vibe, as long as I don’t have to listen to a country tune. I may not be a Sweet Home native but my Number One is. I’m a Hawthorne Hornets fan! I have climbed the glaciers of Mt. Jefferson as well as the highest peak in Japan, Mt. Fuji. I am the funniest person I know but I am serious when it comes to leading in business and community. I love to make people famous. Semper Fi!

Performer #2: If you want to see more of me, just listen to the scuttlebutt around town. Cantillating while clavichording is my thing as a student and teacher, all-in-one. My royal roots are Provençal, the child of a child of a duo that may be in question. I didn’t find my favorite chicken Parmesan in the Orient but the first citizen I encountered was very welcoming. You certainly won’t find me anywhere there might be snakes!

Performer #3: I am a castor and I rule my colony of 85 with a dosh of millions. I have been married to my sweetheart for three decades and we have one offspring. I grew up next door but my skiing days were spent in the waters around here. My favorite vacation is at the door opener, not north, south or east. I have been awarded for my leadership and acknowledged by past United States Presidents. I am now or have been associated with DOL, LCFB, LHS and OFEA.

Performer(s) #4: The city of Sweet Home couldn’t possibly get by without both of us. One of us seeks the wrong and the other fixes what’s wrong. We have seen two decades as one unit, with enough mojo to keep us going. One of us loves to travel, the other would prefer to stay home. We choose to continue on a sweet ride, whether it’s in icy waters or heading down under, playing music or photographing memories along the way. One of us is following in Dad’s footsteps in this endeavor. One of us once filled the shoes of some of the great women of Sweet Home. By all means, we should be copyrighted!

Performer #5: I was born a Georgia peach, but singing with my siblings on a cross-country bus for money and candy brought me to Sweet Home at the age of 15. I am a blues-loving surfer with permanent wings on my tail. I have been gazing into the same loving eyes since my 16th year, belonging to the one that keeps me safe from the crazy outlaws camping in the nearby woods. Local dancers and veterans benefit from me and wherever I am you might find me reading, while I ponder what color to put in my hair.

Performer #6: I often help bring in a fresh epoch and I will gladly debate with you on hexodoxically methodological individualism in economic matters. Born in sunny California, I ended up in Sweet Home in the mid-1990s and am now ubiquitous in my work. My weapons are made of wood, lead, plastic and glass and I have been awarded many times for my use of them. I wouldn’t boast of my ancestors’ use of their plantation slaves but I would be proud of what could be a coonskin family heirloom. My passion can be found in the community of the arts.

Performer #7 – I have spent most of my life working on my music and have been on stage on both coasts. When I’m not performing for humans you might find me singing to my bull Buddy and his lovely bovine ladies. I love dogs, mac and cheese, and riding four-wheelers while being inspired by country music, Broadway tunes and Isaac Stern. In my youngish life I have journeyed to favorite places - the Hearst Castle, Juneau Alaska, and across the country to midtown Manhattan where the likes of Dvorak, Tchaikovsky, Benny Goodman and The Beatles have been. 

Performer(s) #8 – As a duet we will never stand together on a high platform because we are both afraid. One of us is a Sweet Home native, the other was made in Kansas but has a big heart for Oregon. (A) Doing headstands with my three “quirky” kids is fun. And what is the point of life without someone that’s got your back? (B) I’m hoping my future includes owning a car lot, with Kenny Rodgers playing in the background and all my kudos on the wall. Food plays a big part in our lives; favorites are Vienna sausages on one plate, steak and potatoes on another. Creating and sharing great things in and out of the kitchen is important to us. (A) I tried out once for “the biggest culinary contest in the world” with a famous British chef. We both love to go places; (A) I love to hike around our beautiful state and (B) I want to go anywhere warm. We are married but not to each other, (A) I have three children and (B) I have four. We are surrounded by more people on a daily basis than most.


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