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Request for tower should be red light


November 6, 2019


The New Era’s Oct. 23, 2019 edition reported the value of property in Sweet Home went up 8.9 percent last year.

On the heels of this report, Strawberry Loop residences received a letter from the city of Sweet Home. The contents of the letter concerned me enough to write to the editor.

Homeowners in Sweet Home need to be aware of a recent request to the Sweet Home Planning Commission to allow a conditional use permit. The request will be presented to the board on Nov. 18. Every homeowner within a Residential Low Density (R-1) Zone (single family homes only zoning) needs to be concerned.

The request is to place a monopole antenna in the Strawberry Heights (R-1 zoned) neighborhood to relay radio signals to a Pacific Corp substation on 18th Avenue. I previously had a conversation with a company representative who informed me the antenna will be similar to a commercial radio station’s antenna, but saw no pictures of said tower.

If this is approved, it lays open a precedent for the Planning Commission to allow others to request and be approved of antennas in their neighborhoods. I am urging the Sweet Home residents to take heed.

A builder of towers, who also maintains these towers, informed us that when the person or company who leases the land to build a structure are in control of what they put on that structure, they can, for a fee, sell the right to others to put their equipment on the structure, as well.

The original person or organization who leases their land to build the structure does not profit from the subsequent users.

We saw a picture of a monopole tower with four other users’ equipment mounted upon that one single tower. The landowner did not profit from the other users. Users of the tower can sell space on the tower and some of that equipment has high RF emissions.

Zoning has a meaningful purpose. A community can keep its presence by being well-planned and beautiful or, it can be invaded by conditional use permits.

Through legends, truths can be revealed. Recall the legend of the boy who stuck his finger in the dike (a dam-like structure). He stopped the leak that could have flooded Holland. However, he cried for help and no one came.

Sweet Home residents have until Nov. 8 to submit researched facts, questions, and comments to the Planning Commission. I hope to see all concerned citizens at the Planning Commission hearing at 6:30 p.m. Monday, Nov. 18, at Sweet Home City Hall.

Ken Collins

Sweet Home


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