Gun owners need to zero in on Salem


February 5, 2020


Oregon’s Legislative Session began Monday, Feb. 3, and ends in 30 days.

Citizens: Pay attention, get involved. Oregon anti-gunners have three bills to restrict Second Amendment rights.

First up: Senate Bill 1538 (co-sponsor Sara Gelser, D-Corvallis). Taking a run at last session’s failed attempt, it “allows governmental entities to adopt policies, tailored to local culture and needs, related to the presence of firearms in these facilities.”

No mention of the Second Amendment, this promotes “local culture and needs,” not the Constitution. It proposes to make Oregon a crazy quilt of patchwork rules and procedures by abolishing Oregon’s state firearms preemption statute. Current law ensures those living and traveling throughout Oregon are subject to uniform state statutes wherever they are in the state.

This work-around of last year’s failed attempt claims to ensure “clearly posted signage…which must clearly indicate what restrictions apply and where they apply.” If passed, untold local, regional, school district and other “governmental entity” restrictions will swarm, multiply and then continually mutate. Think ahead: For starters, Oregon has 36 counties, 198 school districts, more than 1,200 schools and 241 incorporated cities.


Furthermore, the signage intended to reduce confusion for law-abiding citizens so they put away all firearms will perfectly identify the boundaries and dimensions of a captive, unarmed population and obviously advertise to people who may be disposed to commit mass murder where that designated location is readily available to them.

Vote yes on Ballot Measure 22-189

Note: Crime Prevention Research has proven that since 1950 mass public shootings occur 94 percent of the time in gun-free zones (

This new initiative will multiply Oregon’s gun-free zones with predictable and tragic results.

This initiative targets removal of the Second Amendment from the public arena but we can “have a voice” in our local school board or City Council.

The two initiatives that follow on the Legislative docket this month will take aim at the Second Amendment in private by, one, ball-and-chain storage requirements in the home and (2) prohibiting legal carry of firearms in Portland Airport non-secured areas.

Bloomberg has acquired Kate Brown with indecent amounts of cash to promote fear, magnify emotion and gun down facts. These legal precursors operate like forerunners to tyranny. Their targets: your individual rights.

They promote emotional appeals to degrade the Second Amendment to the status of a suspicious relic so that “government” (whim) controls citizens. In their world, constitutional rights are servile to a mood swing in a municipal or school board meeting, but most of all, you become subservient to tyranny, which separates you from your own self-defense.

When the government says, “You don’t need guns,” you need guns.

Pete Ready



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