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Astronaut gives Charter School students up-close glimpse of space


February 26, 2020

ASTRONAUT JIM WETHERBEE demonstrates the size of 1 million 1-inch cubes to help make a point about the size of the universe. One million 1-inch blocks would fill a cube approximately the width, height and depth shown here by four Sweet Home Charter School Students. One billion blocks would fill a block about 80 feet by 80 feet and eight stories tall. From left, the students are Bella Foose, Delaney Johnson, Colton Parrish and Andrew Tolman.

The moon is roughly 25 feet from the earth – that is when the earth is the size of a basketball and the moon is the size of a baseball.

That's what a group of students at Sweet Home Charter School learned Monday afternoon, Feb. 24, as they held a basketball and a baseball at said distance inside the school gym, to find out just how distant the moon is from the earth.

In reality, the moon is about 240,000 miles from the earth, but that was the point of the exercise.

Astronaut Jim Wetherbee had started things off by asking the students at Sweet Home Charter School how they could tell tha...

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