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City rate increase idea ill-timed


May 13, 2020


I got my water bill.

Our City Council has really been grabbing our money and making it very difficult to enjoy our homes here in Sweet Home.

First, they took over, was it 20,000 extra dollars left over from the extra levy to help the police and library?  Or was it $200,000? 

Anyway, the City Council decided to hire an economic advisor with all the windfall of dollars, instead of fixing our infrastructure. 

Yes, we really needed an economic advisor.  I thought that was the job of a city manager.

Now, they discovered we needed to fix our sewer system.  I know, they said, “Just add it to the water bill” that they already raised after the levy money was gone. 

My bill is $99.92!  My actual water use is $38.49.  That’s because we haven’t used any yet, other than to flush the toilet and drink water and do the dishes, etc.

I think the choice of city manager was a gross mistake.  This is a case of the King saying “let them eat cake!”

This City Council doesn’t really care if people can’t afford to pay their water bill.  Especially now. 

People are laid off work, can’t go anywhere they want to go.  Now, can’t even make a garden because it will raise the water bill.

That’s all I have to say. 

Marilyn Taggart Schlim

Sweet Home


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