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Facts don't match Johnson's accusations


May 13, 2020


Regarding the mailer I read from Kerry Johnson, running against Sherrie Sprenger for Linn County Commissioner: I’m tired of hateful, deceitful politics. I wish people running for office would tell me what they are going to do for us, not spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on opposition research and then tell half-truths or flat-out lies to get elected.

For example, Kerry Johnson reports Sherrie stated she was “stepping down” on the ladder to run for Linn County commissioner. The only part of that statement in quotations is “stepping down.” The rest is taken out of context because I have heard Sherrie speak of it, that in the political arena being a commissioner is a rung lower on the political ladder, but that is not what is important to her.

Johnson printed twice that Sherrie was removed from leadership. That's a mischaracterization. Sherrie resigned that position because there was no bipartisanship with the Portland liberals she shared the committee with.

Kerry Johnson criticizes Sherrie for $32,000 in reimbursements for lavish trips and mileage reimbursements. Many people in this state and Linn County have travel for training or other work. I know I did. If they use their own money, they have the legal right to be reimbursed. I asked Sherrie about this. $32K is over her 12 years. That’s only $2,600 a year. doesn’t sound lavish to me.

If Sherrie Sprenger is that bad of a person, why does she have the support of current Sheriff Jim Yon, Sheriff Bruce Riley (retired), Sheriff Tim Muller (Retired) and the Linn County Deputy Sheriff’s Association?

Kerry Johnson said that, while working for the Oregon State Racing Commission, she never asked for reimbursements for travel or mileage expenses. Please keep in mind if you’re driving a state car with state fuel, you can’t ask for reimbursement. Also, all state agencies provide a per diem for all meals and lodging or authorize the use of a state credit card. So there is no need to ask for reimbursement there either.

Please keep in mind that if someone is willing to twist the truth to get elected, what will they do in office?

Damon Struble



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