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Kerry Johnson a problem-solver


May 13, 2020


The important thing to know about Kerry Johnson is that she cares.

She cares, and she likes solving problems. What better combination for a public servant? What’s more, she’s good at it. She gets things done. She knows how to go beyond her own capabilities and resources by reaching out to others and inspiring them to contribute. One person can do a lot, but one person willing to ask for help, build support, combine talents and passions and resources can do pretty much whatever needs doing.

When Fish of Albany needed more coats for a winter coat drive she personally donated over one hundred coats. When the Scio Gleaners had trouble with their funding, she made a donation and then she made some phone calls. By the time she was finished, they were able to provide a Thanksgiving dinner to every family they serve. If she reaches the ends of her abilities and the problem is not solved, she doesn’t stop. She reaches out. She pushes harder. It is a unique person who doesn’t stop when their limit is reached, but only when the problem is solved.

My family has been patients of their dental practice for years and whenever there has been a death in the family, a marriage, a birth we have received a handwritten card from Kerry. Because she cares. This is the kind of person we need in our government. Someone who cares – who knows how to get things done.

Jan Schilling



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