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Mailer is not what Sprenger is about


May 13, 2020


I was so sad to receive a mailer attacking Sherrie Sprenger. Her opponent must not understand how we do things around here. We are honest, hard-working people and we don’t lie.

Sherrie’s opponent misrepresented her.

Sherrie has been a dedicated state representative who spoke against legislator raises, said no to receiving PERS retirement for 13 years and who resigned from legislative leadership because she was most concerned about our community, not about political power.

All of which Sherrie’s opponent misrepresented in her mailer. This makes the choice even more clear. Let’s vote in big numbers and elect Sherrie Sprenger as our next Linn County commissioner. We are smarter than what her opponent give us credit for.

Wendi Melcher

Sweet Home


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