Four candidates so far for Nov. 3 City Council election


August 19, 2020

Four candidates have already registered to run for Sweet Home’s City Council, which will have four vacant seats to fill in the Nov. 3 election.

Councilors James Goble, Lisa Gourley, Cortney Nash, and Dave Trask are up for re-election, and Nash and Trask have both already filed paperwork to run. Gourley hasn’t yet submitted paperwork, but told The New Era she’s “decided to go ahead and run.”

Two newcomers have also submitted their names for the ballot: Theo White, a teacher at Sweet Home High School, and Angelita Sanchez, a local business owner who’s been a leader in the Timber Unity movement.

The deadline to file as a candidate is 5 p.m. Monday, Aug. 31, and costs $10 unless filed by petition.

City Manager Ray Towry said the work of a city councilor is a lot more than “standing there and proselytizing during a meeting. The work of a city council is done between the meetings.”

He said the councilors sometimes have to review 200-page agenda packets before a council meeting, which can take hours.

He added that city councilors often need to attend public events and meet with constituents.

“Your council, they need to be broad, they need to be respectful of different opinions and each other’s opinions, and they need to work with each other. They won’t get anything done if they do it by themselves.”

Under Sweet Home’s election system, the four candidates with the most votes will be elected into office, with the fourth-place winner getting a two-year term and the other three getting four-year terms. Candidates must be registered voters and must have resided in the city of Sweet Home for at least one year prior to filing. Councilors are given a $75-per-month stipend for their work.

Candidates must also meet campaign finance reporting requirements by Oregon law, and must file a statement of economic interest with the Oregon Government of Ethics commission.

More information is available at, and candidacy election packets are available at the City Recorder’s Office, 3225 Main St., during normal business hours.


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