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Sanctioning Antifa boosts lawlessness


Portland Tally Sheet: 85 consecutive nights of riot have been inflicted on the public, the police and property.

On Aug. 8 alone, 24 rioters were arrested and booked. Oregon State Police left town for good reason last week because the County DA (endorsed by BLM) refused to hold or prosecute arrested rioters.

As governors, mayors and other civil officials permit Antifa robbery, assault, burning and destruction of private and government property, they sanction and promote lawlessness.

Gov. Brown announced, “the riots will stop when the federal officers quit defending the federal buildings.”

What happened? In the three weeks since federal law enforcement officials left on July 30, riots have continued and spread to residential neighborhoods. Rioters have subsequently attacked the (federal) ICE building and inflicted violent personal attacks.  

Speak up: Recall the governor. Add your name to the statewide petition drive under way at

The third point on the petition is: (Gov. Brown) “Denied citizens protection from the growing domestic terrorist threat known as Antifa.”

Peter Ready