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Rising taxes create difficulty for some


October 28, 2020


My property tax statement came today.

It states that our house, for which we paid $72,000 10 years ago, is now worth $208,870. That’s fine and good, but along with the new value is the amount of taxes that came with that evaluation. The new bill is $3,043.00; $2,174 of that is city taxation. This equals $253.00 a month just to live here and pay the exorbitant water rates besides.

With all these taxes, I have no sidewalks, a huge ditch in front of our home and I wonder just what I enjoy from these humongous costs?

I do enjoy living here. A good place to retire, right?  But with the taxation out of control, how can I stay here as the taxes keep going up?

If the City Council has their way, each year their cut will go up and up and soon it will cost $500.00 a month to live here, plus the water and trash and all it takes to live and maintain a home.

I have heard of older widows with a small Social Security  having to sell their home to pay property taxes. Is that how this is going to end? 

I suggest that a whole lot of letters sent to the City Council to lower the taxes to a point that we can all agree on.

Marilyn Schlim

Sweet Home


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